Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wanna Know Who We're Voting For?

We'll tell you straight up. We're voting for the candidate who will put a ban on hip hop songs with police sirens. The trend of inserting the occasional "innocent" siren has gone on too long. Are producers trying to give a bitch a heart attack?! I don't know how many bags of weed have been tossed out and how many hookers' heads have whip-lashed back at the sound of a cleverly hidden siren on the fucking radio while you're riding around in the whip! How many accidents have been caused by listeners slamming on their brakes to avoid a ticket that doesn't exist? Lives could be saved here people. The time is now and I mean "now" as in they should ban Akon's version of Michael Jackson's "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" and not only because he butchers it but it has the sneakiest siren in music history. Damn you T-Pain...I mean Akon!

And who the hell likes that song other than the Soulja Boy fans who have never heard the original? He should just call it "Wanna Be" and leave it at that


Eddie Beats said...

Literally...nothing worse than the feeling of hearing sirens when you driving...spec w/a suspenended d.l. in Ma,NC,PA,TX..and whatever state you roll in cause they all got that info AND you stay rolling with that sticky...nuff to make me strap on a Novak and hope for the best....I myself have takin all songs off my Itunes/whatever I'm using to play music 21/2 years ago cause it actually got to be too much....No more sirens!!!! In music as well as life..we could make all response vehicles hover crafts or something of that sort....The time to act is now!!!

ps hadnt even heard Akon had done a MJ remake....not okay with it....at all...will try to never hear it....doubt it will happen.

The UnaDater said...

I am down for leaving out the police sirens... but you can not touch Area Codes.

That is like taking Jesus out of the bible!

Please leave the Area Codes! Oh yeah and Hoes too!