Saturday, April 5, 2008

my. first. piece. of. performance. art.

Wanna know how HoBo Fluff is? She sat down on a Saturday night (in lieu of the obligatory scene queen parade) and sculpted her first piece of performance art.

She admits to herself, the night started out a bleak shade of 2005 American Idol. But somehow ended in a bevy of snark, movement and hipster myspace pics…all facilitated by a lump of clay.

What do you think it looks like? Tree? A ziggurat? Dwarf Mountain?

It reminds me of the only time I went camping.

Get Motivated With Mild Davis

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Trusted (Lying Bitch) by Guilty Simpson and Lidget Green Project

Lidget Green Project hit us up about this new song with him and Guilty Simpson. So leave your comments for him. There's just 2 catches. You can't use the word "dope" and your one sentence review has to contain a 10-letter word. We will start...

"We couldn't be more loquacious about how the song and video fuse together in synchronicity triggering flashbacks of Pink Floyd and Wizard of Oz-esque hallucinations of Tetrahydocannabinol and codeine binges"

We got 4, beat it....

and check out Guilty Simpson fill-in-the-blank with us from SXSW

All This for 'Roid Fest 2008?

Does anyone even care about The Olympics anymore? Everyone is fully shaved and is hopped up on steroids. What a freakfest. Is Carrot Top going to emcee this shit? And...
Why the fuck are they evicting 1.5 MILLION people in order to house The Olympics?! I was watching the news and this 80 year old man was crying and out on the streets because the apartment he lived in for 70 years was torn down for the event. I hate seeing a grown man cry and this dude is old as hell too?
Shame on The Olympics and their corporate advertisements and their molester gymnastic coaches and fake ass steroid bitches and their hideous ass windsuits. I'm boycotting that shit. Who's with me?!


“In the middle of the night, while they were sleeping, people came in and broke up the courtyard wall. There were lots of people living there together in this building, they had a shop, it was really dangerous, there were still people living there.”—“Zhang,” friend of a forcibly evicted Beijing family