Wednesday, December 26, 2007

MC Yak Ballz is No Joke

MC Yak Ballz may not be on your hip hop radar yet but he's definitely grinding your way whether its via the internet, Paid Dues Festival or URB's Next 1000. A decidedly ridiculous name is just a front for some serious flow and classic Beastie Boyish good looks. His newest album Scifentology II, a followup to the well-received Scifentology mix-tape from '06, will be available in Jan. '08. And as you'll read, if you too want to be the next big indie emcee like Yak Ballz, spend more time on the shitter.

L and F: Yak Ballz....where did that name come from?

YB: I was given the name. I heard I made it onto some worst-band-names of all time list, so if all else fails, I'll always have the honor of the dishonorable mention.

L and F: You have a very distinct voice and your flow is intense. When and where do you do the most writing?

YB: I do most of my writing in the late hours of the night at my desk at home either in a notebook or on my laptop. I draw inspiration from a lot of places and I make mental notes or put something into my phone quickly. For Scifentology II, I did a lot of writing on the road where I woke up before everyone else, snagged the keys to the van and wrote inside with the heat
cranking until everyone dragged themselves out to it. The toilet is a great place also. If you ask any musician whether they have ever written on the shitter or not and they tell you no, they are lying.

L and F: It looks like you're seriously grinding, trying to get on the Paid Dues tour, getting votes on URB and you've got your own Youtube TV site. Is this your full time job?

YB: Yes it is. After college I got a job at an office and I never was so depressed in my life. I think people with office jobs are some of the most mentally strong people in the world. So I quit and decided I'd rather be broke. It was a surreal experience that sort of helped me make the decision to do music full time. Paid Dues is a very special tour and I'm pushing to get on it and play a bigger on it role this coming year.

L and F: What's a typical MC Yak Ballz show like?

YB: You should come to one and see for yourself. I'll put you on the list +999.

L and F: Tell us about Scifentology...

YB: Scifentology is a movement. Scifentology II is my new album that comes out on January 29th of 2008 on FloSpot Records. It's a take on religion. It's what you get when you mix myself and Scifen Clothing in a conceptual sense. And It's the Bermuda triangle where Ewok 5MH and Barmak Badaei are the other two sides.

L and F: Any groupie action yet?

YB: I'm not into groupies but I appreciate anyone who takes the time out of their life to listen to my music or read an interview.
The Question We Always Ask....

L and F: When you blow up real big, will you become a media whore, driving around all drunk and showing your privates like some celebrities we know?

YB: I think the media can be used to promote more important topics like famous 16 year olds getting pregnant. But in all seriousness, there are American soldiers dying in Iraq and Afghanistan. I find it bizarre how I don't even have to try and I can see or hear more about what one of these "it" girls did last night in full detail, than tragedies happening to our troops overseas.
It's not even completely the celeb's fault but I can guarantee you'll never see me act out for some short lived press. I'd much rather hang with my friends in private and keep my privates to myself.

Links you Must Click on:

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Anonymous said...

Yak is one of my favorite rappers.
His shows are Great, I can't wait for scifentology 2 and future recordings! WM

antifocus said...

I saw Yak when he came to baltimore with Lif, Cage and el-p. If you haven't seen him live before, you should.

elliot eon said...

that fool yak stole my girlfriend and her mom and took'em to ihop for superbowl sunday, gave'em some pancakes and they aint ever come back! i heard their his sex slaves and shit -- im hella bumming

i'm going to get you yak skywalker, if its the last thing i do!

Drake said...

Don't forget about Yak's YouTube channel.

Subscribe for New Video's Every Week!

Katie P said...

too bad he's not into groupies :(

Mike said...

This is true story. I have been a fan of Yak since day 1. He actually found out thru a friend, and put me on his list in Atlanta to get in free. Very cool dude!