Sunday, September 23, 2007

Plastic Little Doing Big Things

Plastic Little comes from Philly but is at every party from NY to England makin' you wanna go halves on a baby. They'll seduce you with their come hither lyrics and urban bad boy good looks. Just ask them to holler without all the driz...

L and F:
I mean, is this like a constant frat party? It sounds like you guys have a lot of fun.
PL: We have fun, but we definitely wouldn't have fun at a frat party. If you say frat party, i think of young WASP motherfuckers in rugby polos and dirty white baseball hats dropping pills into girl's drinks then complaining about the democrats are ruining the country. Yuckies.

L and F: We are huge fans of hip hop so we're sitting there listening and you guys are like really talented poets with nasty ass mouths. Job well done, who are your influences?
PL: Hmm... Lil Wayne, Yellow Man, Ghostface, 3-6 Mafia, Jigga Jay-Z, Andre Nickatina, Abner Jay, dranking, sex, and dranking some 'mo!

L and F: Tell us about your new album, "She's Mature"
PL: She's Mature is a roller coaster ride into the dark depths of sex, partying, and fantasy. It's some real absurd shit if you think about it. When we were making it we never thought of the vast contradictions that would come about from making harry Potter references on the same as gun violence inferenes. We just like what we like and we never try to reconcile the contradictions on the album. Life is full of hella contradiction. Most folks like to look at a picture of Talib Kweli and think to themselves "Oh, he's the good guy rapper." Then they look at a picture of 50Cent or whomever and say "He's one bad nigga." But real life isnt that simple all the time, It'll present you with some crazy scenarios in which you'll have do bad shit to come out on top sometimes.

L and F: You guys are from Philly and most people I know have a serious love/hate relationship with that place. What are your thoughts and where can we find you out and about in Philly?
PL: Philly. Cheap rent, getting a bit pricey though. Lot's of super talented folks here, lot's of shitty folks as well. Not many good jobs here for young creative folks, that industry is in NYC or LA, but the drinking here is good, and I often feel like i'm a part of tribe, like being fom Philly is like being in this tribe and if I go to LA and meet someone from Philly we smell each other's butts like we're dogs then go chase after squirrels together.

L and F: Can you explain what "drizhollering" is and would you call us the next day?
PL: Drizhollering: being so drunk that you try to get a girl/boy's phone number while they're standing right next to their BF or GF. Drizhollering: Waking up in someone else's bed and praying to god that you can escape their bed without waking them up and subsequently escaping their home without alerting their roomates, then you'll stop drizhollering. Drizhollering: Crying in the tub.

The Question We Always Ask:

L and F: When you guys get super big, will you become media whores driving around all drunk and showing your privates like some celebrities we know?
PL: Hells yes! Jonthousand actually has 2 penises. Wait until the paparazzi gets a flick of that shit! His second dill is green too! Peaaaaaaace!

Check them out here or here and buy the CD not only because its awesome but its important to support independent hip hop

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they described philly very well! good place for DRANKIN'.