Sunday, August 19, 2007

Kid Sister Runs Thangs

This week we got Kid Sister to speak with us about blowin' up in the music industry. If you don't know who she is yet, you will. She's been collabin' with Kanye, A-Trak (her man) and Flosstradamus (her brother's dj duo) just for starters. She's comin' straight outta Chi-town to a venue near you. Just make sure you come with your nails lookin' right.

L and F: So, it seems like your career has really taken off since landing the cover of URB magazine? Do you think that was your big break? And, what's the biggest change in your life so far?
KS: I would say my career has taken off thanks to a LOT of help from a LOT of different sources, URB being one of the most recognizable and prominent. The biggest change is that I can buy a little bit more when I go to the grocery store... and organic stuff too. YAY!

L and F: "Bitches betta Hibernate", we have a general idea of what you mean when you say this but can you explain what this means to our readers? (PS. We love this phrase by the way!)
KS: Just fall back, you know... CUZ I RUN THINGS!? Hahahaha... JK, but for real women can be so gosh darn competitive with each other, I'm just saying chill out and let's do a shot! hahaha

L and F: We see that you are heavily influenced by girl groups from the 90's. What other influences have been vital to formulating your style?
KS: Its not just girl groups, i just love mid-90's Rn'B. Being from a predominantly Black neighborhood, that's what I was raised up on.

L and F: You and your brother perform together often. We know he has groupies, so do you ever find yourself cock blockin' as a big sis?
KS: Hahahaha, yes in the past as a protective measure... but now he has a girlfriend so its not all crazy anymore! :)

L and F: For any femcee or lady artist in general, are there any words of advice you can give? KS: My advice is: never use the word femcee, or any label for that matter. Don't box yourself in... just be yourself

L and F: Finally, we had a poll up a couple weeks ago. Maybe you can help us out: Who do you think is the biggest mess right now? Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Pete Doherty or Lauren Hill?
KS: Oooh as much as I read Us Weekly in the airport, I must regrettably reply NO COMMENT! Sowwy... :) I ain't tryna fight nobody!!!!

L and F: We knew she was gonna say that...

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Chip-Set said...

hi friend. of course you can rep Creep Street to the fullest. Im thirsty..


you totally have our permission. get creepy gals ;D !!

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Heather h.e.r. Widener said...

nice score with kid sister 8)