Saturday, August 25, 2007

In Defense of Vegetarianism #3

I can think of a million reasons to defend vegetarianism, obviously because I am writing about it every week. But, I'm thinking the number one reason is that you can get naked and stand in the middle of Times Square and no one calls you a slut, you're just militant or "looking for something to believe in" (that one's my favorite). I was never full-on naked but did protest numerous times in a chicken bikini (sorry I couldn't find any pics of a scantily clad Lady Chavez). Sometimes reporters would ask if it was demeaning but we would just say no and have them drop it to get to the topic at hand. No one really thought we were promiscuous or called us ho's for doing it. Well actually, one time, a car was leaving the KFC drive-thru and had cued up that song "Big Booty Ho's" to play when they passed us but that was about it...

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