Saturday, August 25, 2007

Trend and Anti-trend of the Week

"Do the Wrong Thing"- love it

Trend of the Week- Flourescent Man Shirts

Neon Creepin'

This week we must address the boys who are wearing bright, neon tees and kicks. We love it and we think that if a man wears pink, he is obviously very secure with his sexuality and most likely good in bed. If he wears HOT pink he deserves an immediate dry humping by fashion-savvy bloggers. We're not usually into dudes who coordinate too much because this leans toward metrosexual medioctrity but if your baggy t-shirt and 3 toned sneaks are subliminally screaming, "We're open 24 hours and we have hourly rates", then it's on.

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Girls, they've got the goods for you too and its scary hot...

Anti-Trend-The Resurrection of the Whale Tail

Amy Winehouse has been holding this look down from coast to coast recently and we're still seeing the occasional thong at the local grocery store, belt or not. News Flash: Everybody wears thongs, ok? It's not like the early 90's when chicks were still sportin' granny panties for lack of any better option. Girls ever since have shoved fabric up their ass cracks and gotten used to it. So, there is no need to show them off anymore like you're special. Amy we're gonna let you slide because if you didn't have the whale tail pulled up so far, the crack bag would fall out and you just don't need that right now.

Lady Chavez


Tricknology said...

hillbilly harlot got "whale tail" dvd's for days.


sahweet xoxo

Hillbilly Harlot said...

I dont wear thongs. It's like a train track from your ass to your poon. I dont need no poo in my poon. I like to wear HUGE white panties that hang out from my jeans ala Bea Arthur.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, you've made my day. I'm nearly pissing on my pants laughin' out loud.

The A.

Arty "Fucking" Smokes said...

I don't wear thongs. I give wedgies to the twats who wear them. Get some proper pants, and trousers that fit!