Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pase Rock Wants To Show You His Privates Too

Pase Rock, originally out of Cincinatti (“Cincy”), and part of the group Five Deez has been getting hipsters and hip hop heads moving to Lindsay Lohan’s vagina and other taboo topics backed by bumping beats for some time now. With friends and collaborators like Flosstradamus, Amanda Blank, Diplo and Spank Rock (to name a few), Pase is not just staying ahead of the curve but creating it and looking damn good doing it too.

L and F: "Lindsay Lohan’s Revenge" is a fan favorite. What’s the story behind that one?

PR: I was feeling unproductive so I made a beat and went over Santi's house and Naeem was on the floor passed out from the night before. I was feeling really pumped up for some reason like "let's make a song!" but we all just kind of sat there and twiddled our thumbs. I was perusing the internet as I often do, and came across the Lohan debacle. a week before that it was Britney and then the week after it was Paris Hilton. So Naeem rises from his sleep unexpectedly and somewhat enthusiastically like "Lets make a song about Lindsay Lohan's pussy!" Santi and I busted out laughing cuz it just sounded so absurd. that, and dude was finally alive, we thought he might not ever get up. Then he starts rapping like the "Lohan showing them coochie lips bit..." and we just kept adding and adding. we recorded it maybe the next day or a few days later I don't remember. Then Alex (XXXChange) completely rehauled the music and voila there you have it.

L and F: We have a blog, you have a blog, Fully Fitted, and pretty much everyone else we know. We know what role Myspace plays in getting music heard but how important are blogs?
PR: I dunno. I get some of my music from blogs. If you have a really good blog I guess it's cool. I dunno how important they are in the grand scheme of things. there's so many, I don't really check them so much. I probably check like 3 -5 blogs on the regular.

L and F: Any New Years Resolutions?

PR: Work out a lot more and get some plastic surgery. NEW MONEY!

L and F: You basically hang out and collab with everyone who is really hot right now. Were you always part of the “in-crowd”?

PR: YES! why do I want to hang out with losers? all my friends are better than your friends, and they're cooler and prettier and sexier than your friends too. I was born with it, what can I say?
But for real though, the fact that you asked this question is a bit worrisome. Some people care about that kind of thing, I like to think I don't. Some people can handle attention and others just process it completely differently, it depends on who you are as a person. It's sad to see somebody that believes their own hype and just completely lose their sense of self and well being and just transform into the same douchebags that they mock and complain about. Fortunately most of the people I surround myself with are pretty together, but we all have our moments I suppose.
L and F: What’s next for Pase Rock?

PR: tomorrow. hot damn. it's a new day.

The Question We Always Ask...

L and F: When you blow up super big, will you become a media whore driving around drunk and showing your privates like some celebrities we know?

media whore, yes.

driving drunk, no.

showing my privates, always.

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