Saturday, October 13, 2007

We Made Out With Psalm One

Ok, not really but we did get a candid interview from the only female emcee on RSE (Rhymesayers Entertainment). Whether on tour with Brother Ali or grabbing crotches when you ain't lookin', she's got somethin' in store for you. Don't underestimate Psalm One or her ability to out battle you and your crew.

L AND F: We like to highlight females artists in particular each week and you're extra special because you are the only female on the Rhymesayers label. Do you think you get just as much respect as the dudes and do you foresee any other females joining anytime soon?

P1: I’m extra special because I’m the only female on the RSE label, yep. I don’t think I get as much respect as the dudes, I’m absolutely sure of it. People talk shit about everyone, they’re on blogs and forums and youtube comments, but never to my face. Even in a battle they come right back and apologize. I’m that charming. And regarding other females on the label? I have no control over that but I’m thinking, uh….no.

L and F: In your song, "Peanuts" you allude to the fact that you were overweight and an outcast for the first part of your life. How important is it for you to address this now that your voice is more readily heard. And, would you have ever gone on Montel and done one of "I Went From Fat to All That" shows?

P1: It wasn’t really addressing the weight as opposed to my ex-best friend who, as a shorty, used to love me in private and in public tried to diss and my big ass and thighs were the only thing he could ride on, no pun intended. I would love to address the weight issues all American women have, but I don’t wanna be corny about it. I’m sweating as I type this ‘cause I just ran for an hour. Who wants to be sans energy with mega flub? Not me. And no, never Montel. Never Jenny Jones. Never. Cuz I’ve always been adorable. Synagogue.

L and F: We think we're pretty funny and we can hear in your lyrics that you have jokes too. We can see you pulling pranks on tour. Got any good ones?

P1: I was on tour with my brother, Ali (I’m albino too) and the opening act lost his voice the first week. His DJ told him to take shots of Tabasco. While it wasn’t my idea to tell him this, I’m using it one day. Oh boy. But pranks? I just tell them every night I’m on my period and horde the vodka. And I grab their crotches and run away.

L and F: So, you tour with a lot of the male artists on your label and beyond. Do you have mad dudes hitting on you on the tour bus? What is the worst pickup line?

P1: I mean, sure, I get hit upon. Aren’t we all human? Also, there’s something really sexy to me about touring. Not so much the durty man smell, but the sweat, the money, the adoration, the hotels, turkey jerky, saunas, etc, etc. The worst line I got was when people tell me they wanna make out with me. I have shirts that say, “I made out with Psalm One”. Damn, I already put that out there…gimme fifteen bucks and bring better game.

L and F: Slug may be one of the most well-known emcees on the label and he's never gone mainstream when he could have. Do you feel you'll be the same way? Do you think Rhymesayers may become "mainstream" as a label?

P1: Mainstream, eh? I dunno. I’m having a blast at the house Slug built. And, I’ve been approached by some more-than-indie entities. But I’m happy. And one pay day and a little bit of extra shine now does not longevity make. I see so many people pseudo-“blowing up” right now. But for the most part the music sucks and they seem like characters. Where will they be in two years? At my show hating. I wanna do this ‘til my bones give out, and be able to afford the lifestyle to which I am accustomed. I get that now. If a bigger label can allow more, with my sanity, who knows? But I doubt it. Hype is Hype. And no, RSE will never do that mainstream thing. I know that for a fact.

L and F: When you blow up real big, will you be a media whore, driving around drunk and showing your privates like some other stars we know?


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