Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sparrow Love Crew Is Too Fly

We just found out about Sparrow Love Crew and we feel like a big fat void has been filled. The filling is 6 uniquely hot dudes with some serious flow and a crazy loyal West Coast following. Just make sure you bring your A-game to the party and some rubbers.

We interviewed 2 of the group and here's what they had to say:

L and F: Your music makes us want to dance, not in a crazy glow stick way but like we're having a block party and we should be havin' somebody's baby. How would you describe your style and what are your influences?
Kid Wizard: That's a pretty genius way to describe it already...For me its like throwing a crazy block party where people are there to have a good time. For a couple of hours be able to forget about work, the world's troubles, if your steezy or not, and get down. Hip hop, if that's how people classify us, is our way of describing that atmosphere. Bring the kids and the Senior citizens. Influences for me would be- Run Dmc, Souls of Mischief, M.I.A, Buena Vista Social Club, Bettye LaVette, The Knife.
DJ Opi Styles: Our style is all about energy and having a good time. When people come out to our shows, whether they're fans or just there by chance, we want to engage with them and do our best to make sure they have a good time. Our influences range from one end of the spectrum to the other. I'll be rockin Dj Qbert or Dj Shadow one day, Ryan Adams the next, and Michael Jackson the day after. Each MC in our crew has a unique style of rhymes because of our wide variety of influences.

L and F: What is the groupie situation like. Any good stories?
Kid Wizard: Not that I know of. You should ask brixx.
DJ Opi Styles: Not that I know of. You should ask Duke Danger about Fresno.

L and F: What do you think of the state of hip hop today, where the south seems to rule and strip-hoppers and dope boys seem to have the upper hand?
Kid Wizard: I think hip hop is at a state were its open for new artist to break out. I'm not saying it's easy. If you produce good music, that is what will truly speak for itself in the end. The south is on top, and it has been for a while now. Just like any genre or music that's hot at the moment, some of its fresh and some of it is whack. I truly think our style is something new for hip hop. We have driving electronic beats, and four different emcees who spit a unique way. Our dj plays like twenty instruments and builds crazy electronic equipment that he uses on stage.
DJ Opi Styles: I am not a fan of a lot of mainstream hip-hop because, for the most part, crews are just out for cash and fame. Don't get me wrong, I want to get paid too and fame could be fun, but you won't catch me claiming that as my reason for being a part of SLC. I also don't ever plan to get a grill.

L and F: When you're not doing shows and recordin
g, what do you boys do all day?
Kid Wizard: Well we're not making much money so we all have day jobs. Besides that we love to hang with our WestMonster family and BBQ. We also hit some massive party waves at the beach. A lot of our friends are in bands as well, so we go out and check their shows.
Opi Styles: When I'm not rockin with SLC, I'm at school, I'm writing and recording my own music, or I'm just chillin with friends.

L and F: We've never been to a show but the pictures look fun, what could we expect if we saw you live?
Kid Wizard: Your money back. Ha, just joking. Playing live is the best feeling in the world. To express our art is priceless. So we love to get the crowd involved. People usually say they leave our shows sweating and wishing they had more comfortable dancing shoes on. Its a serious party.
Opi Styles: Loud, hyped, energetic hip-hop, a funky bunch of boys on stage, Uma Theremin solos, a moving crowd, and usually by the end of the night, a blown speaker or two.

The question we almost always ask:

L and F: When you guys hit it real big, will you become media whores, driving around drunk and showing your privates like some celebrities we know?
Kid Wizard: Why wait till your big, i do that now. I kidd I kidd. No that's not really our steez. Plus my mom would have a heart attack, and i like the fact that my mom is alive.
Opi Styles No, that's illegal.

L and F: Any shameless plugs (not butt related)?
Kid Wizard: Besides the fact that we have a single dropping in less than a month, I wanna shout out: WESTMONSTER!!!!, our beat man Kid Kooala, and Hole-Mole.
Opi Styles: Ahhh yeah, keep an ear out for Delta Spirit, (their first record should be dropping sometime in October) and check out Meta Clothing at for some fresh threads.


Smbowen said...

To read the questions I had to copy and paste into word and enlarge the words. But great interview and I will look for more of these guys as I liked the song on your myspace page. Um ya later.
Oh and thanks for the birthday wish.

Lady Chavez and Fluffgirl said...

anybody else having trouble reading the posts?