Sunday, September 16, 2007

Readers Write In

In the spirit of our Luckiam interview, we asked readers to write in about why or why you wouldn't want to be a pimp or a madame. Here is one reader's response:

In the American media, pimping is portrayed as an ideal and glamorous job. Although it is one of the most sought after occupations, it is often stressed that yes, it is indeed hard out there for a pimp (after all, it ain't easy). But what about their often objectified female employees?
Prostituting and pimping are not at all fabulous. These women who work the street corners tend to be sexual abuse survivors, suffer from feelings of worthlessness, and come from low-income backgrounds. Pimps & madames prey on these vulnerabilities that these women have and make a profit out of them.
So next time you see a pimp flossing in his caddy, think of the little girls that survived child abuse and grew up to feel worthless. Her loss of self-esteem is his financial gain.


Anyone agree or disagree?

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