Sunday, September 16, 2007

In Defense of Vegetarianism

Animal testing is barbaric and a money-making scam for the government. Anytime you buy a product that's been tested on animals is a big swift kick in the nuts to any rat, ferret, monkey, beagle or kitty cat. You might as well be giving a hummer to W. Bush while sliding money orders into his XS tightie whities. Humans do really cruel things to animals all in the name of science. When the tests are done, most of the time, the "research" cannot be linked to humans in any way and they are tossed aside. There is so much literature on this that I'm not going to go into it on here but check this site out 'cause they have loads of info. Go here to learn why HLS needs to be shut down and click here to learn how to support the SHAC 7 who are in prison for fighting for the freedom of animals.

Oh and if you want some good, cruelty free lube and/or faux leather sex toys, go here...mmmm

-Lady Chavez

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