Sunday, September 16, 2007

Trend and Anti-trend of the Week

Trend: Long Ass Hair with Thick Bangs

First of all, can you believe I found this puzzle at a yard sale and for only 25 cents?! Second of all, can you spot a common theme here between the 3 plastic icons? The hair is ankle length with some serious bang action. We're not even gonna get into the glittery scarf because we can only handle so many fly flashbacks in one week. I have not seen this trend bless the street yet but it's coming. This is what Ken Paves has been working towards his whole career...this moment where the 80's hair train comes back in full effect and people are buyin' up weave everywhere by the yard. Well, you can trust mines will be straight natural with a little kink on the side. I have already begun the growing out process since I saw that Asian chick in my Adorn magazine rockin' it accidentally. I'm gonna get my man a halfsies shirt like that too, so watch out!

Anti-trend: The Posh Bob

This has got to end already. If Posh is such a style icon, why has she had the same hairdo for 8 months? More importantly, why is Jenna Jameson sportin' it like its brand new? The shit looks faker than the tan and the tits inside her anorexic, alien skin. It's time for a change and while I applaud her for a good follow-thru, fashion ain't bowling and that mop belongs in the gutter.

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