Saturday, February 23, 2008

DJ Excel: Philly OG Imparts Wisdom

DJ Excel basically runs the old school and the new school of this shit. You can find him all over the world injecting Philly-sized frenzy into suspecting crowds. If you're new to the game, he won't hate on you but he definitely thinks you might want to step your laptop game up ASAP. And watch out ladies, if you have a smile and a big butt, he might try to sniff that...

L and F: Jayson Musson told us once "if I go to LA and meet someone from Philly, we smell each other's butts like we're dogs, then go chase after squirrels together." Do you feel the same?

Excel: 1st off, Norfolk is like a 2nd home to me. I fly down there often, the love is there. It's an east coast thing, ya know. Not to mention, LA is a melting pot of people hustling to make it big. So the real people always recognize real people in any part of the world. I don't really sniff butts though, that may just get weird! ;-) okay, maybe if ur a pretty girl, I'll give it a whirl!

L and F: You've been at this a while. How has the game changed?

Excel: Yeah, I've been in this 17 years & runnin. the game has changed completely, for better & for worse....

1) Everyone wants to be a DJ. More people started seeing that you can make a living off of it & it became the cool thing to do. It's a lot easier now...all u need is a computer & a few days of nonstop downloading & you have a hard drive full of music. It took the OG's years of collecting records & equipment. It took dedication & sacrifice. Along with that, the talent level has dropped & the people really stop caring or just don't know what to listen for, so there's a bunch of DJ's who are makin' the rounds & the $ & gettin the props but haven't really earned it.

2) A result to #1 is that the game has opened up & now it's bigger then just one genre of music which is awesome. the DJ has been getting more recognition which has made us all more money & also brings more people out to the parties. We're looked at like real talent, rather then the guy that ruins the records by making weird noises with it. People have took a real interest in us (THE DJ) & we're poppin up on major daytime TV shows. We're looked at like real musicians. some even rock star status!!!! that's huge!!!

3) Now, the technology thing that makes it easier for people to DJ also has helped us redevelop our styles. We now have access to so much more music...stuff that was never on vinyl... songs that we all make. DJ's been around but you couldn't get the same quality. It makes it easier for us to travel which lets us expand our careers. The key is to evolve so we take the good with the bad. I'm not one of those hater dudes. Overall I'm happy how things have been goin & just happy to be in a position to still make a living off of what i love.

L and F: What should we know about the Scratch Makaniks Crew?

Excel: A group of talented djs, who are all OG's. Everyone is in the game because of love. we're all tryin to succeed as much as we can & have dedicated our lives to the game. Oh, & we got on the scene due to our full monty dance routine! ;-)

L and F: What's the best advice and why? Please choose one...

a) Never trust a big butt and a smile
b) You lay down with dogs, you're gonna get fleas
c) You can't turn a ho into a housewife
d) Wipe front to back, don't bring the shit to the clit

Excel: A. Mos def!!! I can't stay away even thought I know it can be poison!!!!!
-all the others are great advice also... all very true!

L and F: What can Excel fans look forward to?easter baskets & christmas cards!

Excel: I told my 4 fans i'll make sure they're in the mail this year for the on going support! j/k
...seriously, I'm workin' on more remixes. I'm lookin' to put out some more mixtapes & of course tryin' to travel & play more gigs & more cities....we're in the process of redoing the website & putting together a newsletter to keep everyone in the loop.

L and F: When you blow up super big, are you gonna become a media whore, driving around drunk and showing your privates like some celebrities we know?

Excel: Well, 1st off, I hope I blow up to get to that point! But I very much doubt I'll be the media whore. I'm pretty straight edge, no drugs, no drinkin, no cigarettes, but i love showing my privates!!!!! ;-) so u'll see me around from time to time.

Check out a seriously dope mix from DJ Excel and MC Elixir here


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