Friday, February 22, 2008

Trend and Anti-trend

Anti-trend: People who make fun of people who don't have TV who make fun of people who do have TVNahmean? Fluff and I do not have TV and we represent because we really feel like there is some better shit to do. Well, the new trend is to hate on people who don't have TV and are proud of it. Not only do they hate but they think other people will think they are hilarious for naysaying our naysayery. Well, fuck you and your Gossip Girls, Losts, Real Worlds and shit.

It's like when I used to protest KFC and there would be counter-protesters on the other side of the highway with shitty ass signs that no one could read and they were fat and downing chicken. Wow, they really showed us!!!!!!!!!

Trend: The Basic Banana Clip

Have these come back yet? I remember 2 years ago thinking I need to bust out some banana clip action before anyone else and then nothing happened. It's like the 80's came again and went and no fucking banana clips. So lets just complete this 80's thing again and also let me clarify:

None of this:

This says "fancy" in Nebraska still to this day and would send a very wrong message in an urban setting...

Lots of this in different colors for now:



Tricknology said...

we finna put a tv in our bathroom

The UnaDater said...

so does this mean I can come over and have a "movie" date night?

you know the kind where you get through the first 5 minutes and end up fucking on the couch buck wild just so you can see how hot your partners body is in blue light.