Friday, January 4, 2008

The Kid is Alright

Ok, actually she's way more than alright. She's the incredibly talented composer, record producer and singer-songwriter that is catching major attention in her local VA community and abroad, having recently been featured on Okayplayer. Some of her songs are very Bjork-esque but then others are all her own and leave you combing your mental musical archives for another artist to pin her sound to. You know we try and put y'all onto the new new shit so consider yourself officially briefed on the newer than new, Kid A.

L and F: What do you think of all this media you've gotten recently?

Kid: The media has been a major blessing. It’s most appreciated. I absolutely love it!: Like this interview for you ladies and the winter write up in Portfolio Weekly. It’s really wonderful exposure. Thank you for the discovery and interest.

L and F: We know you are you do this all yourself or do you collab a lot? What's your dream collaboration?

Kid: Everything on my page at the moment has been done by me, but now I’m more interested in collaborations. The production style could definitely use some improvement. I think college has robbed me of some of my creativity as well. Being away at school drains a lot of you, so it’s nice to be able to mesh minds with some local and overseas producers.

My dream collaboration would most definitely be with Klaxons. I used to be in a band before all this electronic production stuff and I really miss the energy that comes from live instruments whether you’re practicing on stage or off stage . Their drummer, Steffan Halperin, is mind-blowing and all the songs were well written, programmed, and covered. Myths of the Near Future is one of my top albums.

L and F: If your music was the soundtrack for a movie, what would the plot be?

Kid: If I did a musical soundtrack for a film the plot would be about troubled people trying to be less socially awkward in their surroundings. One sided love affairs. Things like that.

L and F: Does your name have anything to do with the Radiohead album, Kid A? And, when you get older, will you still be Kid or go back to your government name?

Kid: KID A is an homage to the Radiohead album, but it also means KID A[nni] to since Ann is my name. When I get older I’ll probably continue to use KID A though. No one ever pronounces my last name right, so it’s no use.

L and F: What are your short term and long term goals in the music industry?

Kid: At this moment for short term I’d like to be able to record a new song or two while I‘m at home for break from university. But, as for long term if I’m ever discovered I just want to have longevity, creativity freedom, and leave an great legacy behind like many of the bands and artists I admire.

The question we always ask...

L and F: When you blow up super big, will you become a media whore, driving around drunk and showing your privates like some celebrities we know?

Kid: Hahaha. No I definitely won’t be doing that. I couldn’t imagine. Ever since the first day of school my grandma gave me a speech about how I represent the family when I leave the house and with whatever I do. I only want to bring honor and respect to my family. I’d never want to embarrass them. Respect for yourself is important just as much as it is for them.

Check out Kid A on her MYSPACE
....and buy the Night Visions EP while you're there

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Viva La Coka Nostra?

We need your help on something...WTF is La Coka Nostra? At first glance, they are hardcore mostly West Coast rappers. At second glance, they are still hardcore but they are pretty much all white and wear the La Coka Nostra t-shirts (complete with skull and gun crossbones). I wrote a couple of the emcees for an interview and got no response. You've got the House of Pain alumni at the forefront and some other white rappers, all rhyming about a thugged out, gun clappin' good time. Wikipedia says:

The group's name is derived from the notorious criminal organization (La) Cosa Nostra, which means "This Thing Of Ours", with the Italian word Cosa ( "thing" meaning "business") being replaced by the Spanish word Coka which stands for Cocaine. Slaine has noted the idea for the name was to incorporate some slang with the gangster theme, so the name would mean "This Dope Thing Of Ours", with "dope" being slang for something cool, and not actual drugs[1]

Not actual drugs? Then what is all the fuss about? Why do they rhyme about shooting everyone? I know in "Jump Around" they were coming "to battle with a shotgun" and all but those were different times and gangster rap was hip then so the white boys had something to prove. I don't find it all that necessary or practical anymore. What do y'all think?
PS. The group's debut album "A Brand You Can Trust" (with DVD) is now set to be released in early 2008

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sunday is Made

I'm a blogging machine and it doesn't stop my friends so holler if you hear me. I checked out Perez on this cold and rainy Sunday and found Adele. I need to preface this by saying that I used to be Perez Hilton's biggest fan and then I think he started outsourcing his writing to India and shit and it ain't the same. That's why I read Dlisted and it makes me sooooo happy and I feel like I have a homo bestie again.

So, Adele is a mix of Cat Power, Amy Winehouse and Karen Dalton. She pretty much just made my Sunday even better than just drinking Carlo and laying around with my pooch, Hot Shot (which is a tough act to follow). Look at her picture...she has a fucking hairbrush stuck in her mullet, ok?...nuf said

Craft of the Week: Beer Pong Anyone?

I saw this on me and Mini Chavez's fav site Cute Overload and had to share. It's a little felt coozie for your beer pong ball! (ok, ping pong but we know who our target audience is). Just make sure you dip in the rinse cup when it is all done because felt and PBR don't mix, ya' dig?

Check these out at TADworks