Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Three Makes a Hype Crowd

What ever happened to the rap group? At some point in the bragging, boasting and bullshitting, rappers forgot how to play well with others and we landed in ‘solo artist land.’ Not that there aren’t plenty of mc’s who can carry a full 12 tracks, but the group just gave us a dynamic of different flows trading verses and turning the show into a party. But thankfully, there are groups like TANYA MORGAN who haven’t forgotten them good old days. These three fellas (Von Pea, Ilyas and Donwill) from Brooklyn spent 2007 touring the country in support of their release, Moonlighting, and have a growing roster of fans that include names like ?uestlove. And 2008 holds big things for these hombres, with three releases and tour plans in the works. If you get the chance to see TM live, don’t be a busta. Get off your ass and go see them do the damn thing in your face and in the flesh. I saw them a few months back and it was one of the best hip hop shows I saw all year. But wear your dancing shoes, because you WILL shake a more than a little ass......you will thank me later.
- Mild Davis

L and F:
We hate to ask the obvious/played out, but can you tell our readers how the name Tanya Morgan came about?

TM: This is Donwill (the guy who wears glasses) and first off, on behalf of the group id like to say whatup to all the readers out there and thanks to Lady and Fluff for having us.

In a nutshell, the name comes from us trying to stand out. The scene is so cluttered nowadays and while there are alot more opportunities to get noticed it is also alot easier to get lost in the clutter. Between the internet and how much easier it is to actually make music nowadays there has been this surge in mediocre music and while naming yourself after a fictional woman isn't really the smartest marketing idea in the world, figuring out that we are actually a pretty fresh 3 man rap outfit makes for an incredible OH SHIT!! moment don't you think?

L and F: What's a little known fact about Tanya Morgan that we wouldn't know by just Googling you?

TM: I can't speak for Von Pea or ilyas but im a HUGE fan of the CW Monday night line up. Not that Gossip Girl bullshit though, I'm talkin about that Girlfriends/The Game hour. maaaan listen... I love them shits, LOVE. With Girlfriends its less about the story and more about gawking at Diana's daughter and her crew. I'll watch the reruns and everything just to stare at Joan... and Lyn... and sometimes Mya. William's wife is winning too though. As far as The Game you could put them Mowry twins in anything and im watching intently. I been lovin them since Sister Sister. I was even down through the bad hair days! The awkward puberty years, I was there and in love. I'm tellin you I been all in with them for a minute. I cant tell them apart for shit tho lol. I'm definitely into the storyline on The Game and all I wanna say is that yeah Derwin may have fucked up but Melanie is on some bullshit son. It aint even gotta be like that!

L and F: Do you 3 already have ladyfriends or are you available for some groupie love....or both?

TM: This is the kinda question that will get me and my big mouth in trouble so I'll speak for myself and say that yes i am single. As far as groupie love, if that involves purchasing instead of downloading, fans bringing their friends to shows, introducing other people to our music and just supporting in general then HELL YES we are all available.

(you like how i spun that didnt you... lol)

L and F: What can Tanya Morgan fans look forward to in the near and distant future?

TM: Much like our first time out with the Moonlighting campaign, 2008 involves a three tiered assault: mixtape, EP and LP. While I dont have specific dates I can still give you the run down.

Tanya Morgan is a Rap Group: we are dropping a mixtape in conjunction with Myspace, Okayplayer and DJ Soul that is meant to serve as a sort of 'history in brief' or even 'greatest hits' for us. While there will be a few exclusives on there we have a ton of material floating around that never had a formal home and this is a great way to package all of those songs in one place. And of course it will be available for free download. Chances are all of your favorite songs will be on there.

The Bridge EP: We *JUST* wrapped recording on this project. Eight brand new songs with production by Von Pea & Brickbeats (our in-house producers) with Mysterious and 88 Keys on the help out. This one will be for retail of course, both physical and digital.

Brooklynati: And this is our long awaited sophomore slump proof return. We have been compiling demo's here and there for a while but now that we have sorted out the EP and the method by which to get the music to the masses for the second time around we are hard at work on this one. Of course production will be handled by Tanya's in house producers but it wont be solely those two. I am not saying any names yet simply because its all tentative but definitely expect to see a guestlist for both producers and MC's. We promise not to clutter the project tho, thats not our style.

Of course we will be doing a tour in support of these projects starting around march and lasting for a few weeks. I've got a mile long list of cities in my gmail right now but until they are all confirmed ill just keep that info to myself. But chances are if you live within driving distance of a major to mid-major market we'll be in yo hood so come thru!

L and F: We saw something on your site about Lessondary. What's that all about and can our blogspots be BFF's?

TM: The Lessondary is our squad. Its pretty much just our umbrella of trusted peers. Not all of them are musicians but its our working community. We are musicians, writers, designers, etc and we hold each other down however need be. Most we started up the Lessondary Radio Podcast/Blog which is basically us doing publicly what we do in private, talking shit and playing music. Its a pretty fun show and while Von and myself have had the longest running show you never know who is gonna pop up on the podcast.

And of course we can get our BFF on, consider yourself blogrolled (not to be confused with rickrolled)

The question we always ask....

L and F: When you guys blow up super big, will you become media whores, driving around drunk and showing your privates like some celebrities we know?

TM: Honestly (i know this is not the intent of the question) i have a huge problem with the way we stargaze and give media coverage to these celebutantes and the like. Its really all just kinda disturbing to me, very very disturbing. Especially when its all about ridicule, chastizing and just tearing people down in general. That said im an avid watcher of TMZ tv :/... im not hypocritical, im complex!

But id probably model myself after John Mayer with regards to handling celebrity. The media HATES him and calls him all kinda douchebags and shit but thats only because he never gives them what they want. That guy is freaking awesome.

Go back and listen to daughters, bitches.

Check out Tanya Morgan on myspace at www.myspace.com/tanyamorgan
To see clips of Tanya Morgan's live performance visit www.youtube.com/directorilyas
To review Tanya Morgan's press visit www.loudminoritymusic.com/press.html


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