Saturday, January 26, 2008

Le Castle Vania is French for The Disco Badass

We're totally not into house music but we are into DJ DJ Dylan and his disco music for the new millenium. You'd probably never guess that he's from Atlanta (our second home) or that he drives a Lamborghini (actually thats probably untrue). What is immediately apparent is that his hair is always flawless and he wears way cuter clothes than us (we're pretty sure he invented the all-over print hoodie). Despite all our envy of his fabulousity, our hearts are beating 120 BPMS for him.

L and F: You're touring all over the place but started out in Atlanta. What cities get down the hardest?

LCV: Well i throw a party once a month in Atlanta called FUCK YESSS which gets really crazy every month and is for sure one of my favorite parties to play. and then of course i love djing in LA because they probably have the biggest electro parties in the US, blow up is a great party in san francisco. out side of the US i love the parties down in tijuana, mexico city, and monterrey the kids down there get super into it! and of course i had an amazing time djing over in the UK last time i was there!

L and F: Do you think remixing Black Eyes for Snowden was your big break?

LCV: well Black Eyes was the first song i ever put out under the name Le Castle Vania so yeah i think of course it was what put me on the map because it was like my first impression to most ppl that have heard my music.

L and F: What's a typical day like on tour?

LCV: well you know it's mostly just me hanging out with super models ballin out of control rolling around in my lamborghini... there's also usually some white tigers around somewhere rolling around in some diamonds or something like that.

L and F: I see some Pumps on your page. Are you a sneakerhead?

LCV: hmm i mean not really... i mean i like good kicks as much as the next guy... but i mean i'm not like one of those fanatic kids that's gotta have the new shit the day it comes out or whatever.

L and F: Do you have a formula for when to play what kind of song or is it a crowd by crowd basis?

LCV: well i mean i definitely have a style and a type of sound that i always try to push but of course i also adjust my sets to work for the crowd i'm playing to... as a dj you have to find a balance between the two side so that you maintain integrity as an artist. any clown can buy serato and go play the latest remixes of some top 40 bull shit and some throw back party jams, mash ups and get ppl to dance... but that doesn't make them a good DJ... i'm way more impressed by DJs that can come through with some hot fresh new shit that ppl have never heard and still keep the dance floor bumpin. to me thats pushing things forward and thats what i try to do when i DJ. aside from that i've also been making a lot of my own exclusive edits and remixes of tunes that can only be heard in my DJ set so when someone comes to see me DJ they are hearing exclusive new music that they only hear in my sets which to me makes it more artistic and intimate rather than just playing the same tunes that anybody else can go download off some blog somewhere you know.

L and F: When you get super big, will you become a media whore, driving around all drunk and showing your privates like some celebrities we know?

LCV: hell yeah i'm selling out hard core! i wont be drinking and driving but i will be swinging my privates in front of cameras every where for sure! nah but for real i plan to always just have a good time and keep it about the art of making music that i enjoy and that i hope other people will enjoy as well. :)

Check out Le Castlevania on Myspace
or on his website
and Lies in Disguise, his project with Blake Miller from Moving Units
and buy a "I Love You But I've Chosen Disco" shirt

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