Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Craft of the Week: Lady Chavez's Revamped Vintage Rings

Here's a tutorial on how I make my fabulous and super easy rings made from vintage clip-on earrings. If you're a girl, you'll be the flyest bird anywhere you go and if you're a dude, Valentine's Day is coming up and these rings = guranteed ass.

Oh and I went all artsy with the photos, hope you like (don't pay attention to my ashy hands and my busted fingernail polish-damn now you're going to pay attention)

1) Go thrifting or to yard/estate sales and get some clip-on earrings. You can use any earrings that are hot and retro looking and snip off the "clip-on" part so the back is just flat and nothing is attached.

2) You'll need to purchase some ring bases like the one below. I got mine from Oriental Trading but its better to get them through Etsy. Nothing sexual in the picture below....(Ok...Damn! You guys know me too well!)
3) Glue the earring to the ring with your trusty glue gun (y'all are really diggin' the artsyiness, I can tell)
4) And, Voila! There you have epic trendsetting in 4 easy steps. You're welcome


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