Friday, March 21, 2008

When Hell Is Full, The Dead Shall Walk The Earth

Well, I guess hell was full because Sunday we worship the world's most famous zombie. We celebrate by eating big slabs of zombie carcass, otherwise known as Easter ham. Or if you really fancy, you get to attend Easter Brunch after church. Don't forget your pastel pink hats and shoes, ladies! You can now wear white!

This post is really about the Zombie Crawl, now in it's 3rd year! Last year over 300 people attended, dressed as the undead in response to easter for drinkin and debauchery. So while ma and pa are eating up some ambrosia salad, you can walk down the hell that is south street to worship the dead that deserve it. Like that girl in Evil Dead. That bitch needs a fan club! and some of them Equate White Strips (you know we can't be affording Crest).

So come on out to the Philly Bar Crawl or see if there is one in your town. They are getting ever popular all over. Check out

Tell em Hillbilly sent cha!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Shit We Like

We normally call this the Trend of the Week post, but I’m kind of over that name b/c it implies that the shit posted in this section is “trendy.” And while some of the stuff we like falls into that category, we prefer to think it’s by accident and not b/c it’s what is actually considered trendy at the time. We’re not hipster snobs and we’re not a total conformists…we just like what we like.

Anyhoo, this week’s post is born out of necessity and who doesn’t like cute wardrobe shit that actually has a purpose? I have never walked so much in my life after moving to the NYC area. Living in VA, you really take the fact that you have a car for granted and drive pretty much anywhere. But I have to walk to the grocery store, to restaurants, to the doctor, to work – rain or shine. And all the girls here have really cute boots for rain, also known as Wellies. I’ve been super lazy about investing in my own pair, and hadn’t really seen any that caught my eye…until now. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these Ed Hardy rain boots!! Never mind that fact that they are a brilliant shade of yellow, but they also have geishas and cherry blossoms all over them. Kind of pricey, but I would totally forgo a shopping trip to Whole Foods if it meant I could have the money to buy these….

Crafts We Love

Raise your hand if you had a sock monkey when you were little. I had one (even though I think he might be somewhere in FL, after leaving him in a hotel room), and have longed for another ever since. Come to find out, I’m not alone – sock monkeys are everywhere!! There are kits , premade sock monkeys of all colors and sizes (so different than the one I had – and cuter still!), and even art focused around this clever-looking bugger.

Make Your Own

Or Just Buy One

Sock Monkey Art

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

SXSW Wrap-Up

I’m baaaaaack…

Hello party people. I’m back from South by Southwest. I managed to make it out of TX with most of my dignity, none of my money and a hangover that keeps on giving. I blame the BBQ, whiskey and Lonestar beer for most of that.

It was four great days in Austin, TX and I got to see some pretty fantastic stuff and meet a few of my heroes. Here’s my highlights from a very foggy memory of the last week…

El-P stopped by my party on Thursday to see Apollo Heights. Nice dood. Turns out he was in the hotel room next to mine.

Evil Bebos, Colossus and Thunderlip did NC proud with blistering sets of metal at the Black Box Mixtapes official SxSW showcase.

Percee P did a fast paced set at the Stones Throw party with DJ Rhettmatic on the decks. Then I ducked off for a quick sesh with DJ Rhettmatic and a buddy.

Daryl Hall (of Hall & Oats) jumped on the elevator with me at the hotel. I hummed “Rich Girl.” He didn’t seem amused.

…Free ice cream at the Terrorbird Media party at Emo's. Nothing goes with Lonestar Beer like a pina colada popsicle. Yum.

CunninLynguists worked it out at our Redeye day party at the Dirty Dog Bar, and got the crowd moving in the mid-afternoon. Thanks, fellas!

American Princes, did a few songs off of their new album, Other People, at the Planetary Group day party. These guys might be the best rock band in America.

The Donnas are very hot in person. Even hotter on stage. Mmmmm….sweaty rock girls.

…Props to the dude dressed up like a yellow Darth Vader walking around giving our candy canes. I don’t get it, but thanks for the candy.

Liam Finn does his one-man-band show like nobody I’ve ever seen. He will be famous one day. Plus, I’m off to see him again tonight in Raleigh.

…Ran into CX KiDTRONiK at the convention center and saw his set with Saul Williams at Vice. Live hip hop doesn’t get much better than that except for…

…Wrapped up the trip with a set from Astronautalis. Best thing I saw all week. He did a mix of songs from his albums and a few of his infamous freestyles.

I’m sure for everything I listed, I’ve forgotten ten more great things I did/saw. It was another crazy year in Austin and I can’t wait to get my ass back down there for another dose of insanity in 09. Maybe I’ll see you there???


Sunday, March 16, 2008

American Apparel, You're So Fucking Cool!

YEAH RIGHT. I went into one of their stores in ATL when I was checking out Fluff's dad's super awesome coffee shop and American Apparel is so retardedly lame. I can understand (but still not really) if you're buying a shirt to screen print something on but there are still way cheaper and cuter ways to go about that. It's kinda like the dude who invented The Pet Rock and made millions. It's a fucking rock and these are plain Hanes Your Way looking clothes.

I can just see some hipster chick in there going, "Oh My God, this little duffle bag is totally Olivia Newtown John, 'Let's Get Physical'. I have to have it!" Go to the fucking thrift store bitch. It's $40 cheaper and the fact that it was made in a sweatshop doesn't count because it's second hand (not to be confused with phantom hand)



I Learn Something New Everyday...and Again the Next Day

Please no one laugh at me, but I just found out about "The Stranger" or "Phantom Hand" yesterday. To keep it ABC Family, you sit on one hand until it is numb and then "rough up the suspect". Supposedly, it will feel like someone else who actually likes you and has consented in sexual activity is doing the "job". I was flabbergasted and appalled that something like this was going on and I wasn't it on it! I feel so virginal and prudish. I have since learned if I had seen Gone in 60 Seconds or any installment of Dave Chapelle doing Lil John I would have been clued in much earlier. Anyway, so tonite I am watching "A Dirty Shame", the most recent John Waters movie, and this broad who's addicted to masturbating totally talks about "The Stranger". WTF? I'm 28 years old and just heard about the shit yesterday and then again the next day. Rub it in why don't you! (pun intended).

Either way, I think its fascinating and I will call it "The Thing"...oh and I'm also filing it under things I become instantly obsessed with like Jenkem, The Woman Who Sat on the Toilet Seat for 2 Years and Homo Thugs.