Friday, March 21, 2008

When Hell Is Full, The Dead Shall Walk The Earth

Well, I guess hell was full because Sunday we worship the world's most famous zombie. We celebrate by eating big slabs of zombie carcass, otherwise known as Easter ham. Or if you really fancy, you get to attend Easter Brunch after church. Don't forget your pastel pink hats and shoes, ladies! You can now wear white!

This post is really about the Zombie Crawl, now in it's 3rd year! Last year over 300 people attended, dressed as the undead in response to easter for drinkin and debauchery. So while ma and pa are eating up some ambrosia salad, you can walk down the hell that is south street to worship the dead that deserve it. Like that girl in Evil Dead. That bitch needs a fan club! and some of them Equate White Strips (you know we can't be affording Crest).

So come on out to the Philly Bar Crawl or see if there is one in your town. They are getting ever popular all over. Check out

Tell em Hillbilly sent cha!

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