Thursday, March 20, 2008

Shit We Like

We normally call this the Trend of the Week post, but I’m kind of over that name b/c it implies that the shit posted in this section is “trendy.” And while some of the stuff we like falls into that category, we prefer to think it’s by accident and not b/c it’s what is actually considered trendy at the time. We’re not hipster snobs and we’re not a total conformists…we just like what we like.

Anyhoo, this week’s post is born out of necessity and who doesn’t like cute wardrobe shit that actually has a purpose? I have never walked so much in my life after moving to the NYC area. Living in VA, you really take the fact that you have a car for granted and drive pretty much anywhere. But I have to walk to the grocery store, to restaurants, to the doctor, to work – rain or shine. And all the girls here have really cute boots for rain, also known as Wellies. I’ve been super lazy about investing in my own pair, and hadn’t really seen any that caught my eye…until now. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these Ed Hardy rain boots!! Never mind that fact that they are a brilliant shade of yellow, but they also have geishas and cherry blossoms all over them. Kind of pricey, but I would totally forgo a shopping trip to Whole Foods if it meant I could have the money to buy these….

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Beej the Pink Sheep said...

Those are sweet! I love trendy rain-boots!