Sunday, March 16, 2008

I Learn Something New Everyday...and Again the Next Day

Please no one laugh at me, but I just found out about "The Stranger" or "Phantom Hand" yesterday. To keep it ABC Family, you sit on one hand until it is numb and then "rough up the suspect". Supposedly, it will feel like someone else who actually likes you and has consented in sexual activity is doing the "job". I was flabbergasted and appalled that something like this was going on and I wasn't it on it! I feel so virginal and prudish. I have since learned if I had seen Gone in 60 Seconds or any installment of Dave Chapelle doing Lil John I would have been clued in much earlier. Anyway, so tonite I am watching "A Dirty Shame", the most recent John Waters movie, and this broad who's addicted to masturbating totally talks about "The Stranger". WTF? I'm 28 years old and just heard about the shit yesterday and then again the next day. Rub it in why don't you! (pun intended).

Either way, I think its fascinating and I will call it "The Thing"...oh and I'm also filing it under things I become instantly obsessed with like Jenkem, The Woman Who Sat on the Toilet Seat for 2 Years and Homo Thugs.

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