Sunday, September 2, 2007

Bonde Do Role Rules the World

I don't think we could love the Brazilian baile funk group anymore than we do unless maybe they came to the Dirty South soon. Diplo plucked them out of the depths of Myspace music pages and had to have them on his label Mad Decent. From there they were signed to Indie label, Domino and have been ruling the world ever since. You must check out their music if you haven't already and check out Marina...girl makes us wanna get our licker license (nawmean?!)

L and F: You guys are in every magazine we pick up lately. It's like sudden explosion of your music. What is it like to have everything happen so fast?
BDR: It's still unbelievable! one day, we're all just lying on our couches back home watching tv, the next day, we don't see our couches anymore, just awful airplane seats and a scary agenda for almost the whole year! But it's great though!

L and F: You music makes us nostalgic for the skating rink from the 80's. You have totally nailed that feeling of being free and strutting your stuff. When you're on stage is the feeling similar?
BDR: Aww, thank you! Basically when we play live, we just try to make each other laugh and with that, we kinda make everyone else watching us laugh with us. Either is me (gorky) running around throwing plastic balls on the other 2, pedro spilling beer all over marina, it's all just a big party for us every time we're on stage!

L and F: You have been signed to Domino. Do they give you much artistic freedom?
BDR: Pratically 100% (we're not gonna say 100% because if we wanted to record our next record on space they'd say 'but you're gonna spend all your money just to get there!'). What other label lets people release a portuguese-sung album without any lyrics in english? in other words, we love them for the freedom they give us!

L and F: Looking at your tour dates, you guys are constantly on the move either doing a show or on the way to another one. What do you miss most about being home?
BDR: hmmmmm... our couches? hehehehe
nah I guess the overall 'let's do nothing/we don't need to worry about anything' feeling, having our own schedule to do things and most of all, sleeping as much as we can!

L and F: Your lyrics are carefree and silly which makes us happy. Is there any subject that is just too taboo?
BDR: not really! well... we do sing a lot of stuff about sex and all, but we wouldn't touch politics... so maybe politics is our biggest taboo?

L and F: You guys always look fly. Are you super into fashion or are you just coincidentally cutting edge?
BDR: not really fashion people here! hahahaha
but I guess each one of us has their own style in the band - marina is a boot lover, pedro with the funny t-shirs and me with sober colors and trying to look serious, but I swear I'm trying to change that! hahahaha

The Question we almost always ask:
L and F: When you guys get super big, will you become media whores, driving around all drunk and showing your privates like some celebrities we know?
BDR: no way! If we ever get super rich, we'd probably have our own driver and we'd have money to pay off the paparazzi to not show these things! hahahaha

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Pedro said...

j' adore bonde do role ! it's good to listen to a music that just makes you feel good... not really care about anything ! It's a shame I've never been to their concert, even though I'm from Brasil;
liked your blog...