Sunday, September 2, 2007

Trend and Anti-trend of the Week

Trend: Bubble Hems

Yes, we know….it sounds like something your grandma would sew for you and make you wear to Easter Mass. But this subtle hemline makes for the cutest, girliest, dresses! I know- I own like three of them. Pair them with pin-up pumps and a mod head band (like we featured in our Trend of the Week #2), and you’ve got instant sex appeal…..okay, well, maybe not instant (kind of like batteries not included, right?).

Anti-trend: Guys Who Wear Gucci

I’m sorry. I don’t mean to offend anyone. But we think guys who wear name brand LOGOS everywhere just reek of “men’s airport bathroom sex scandal.” Guys should broadcast their confidence and masculinity- NOT where they bought their man-purses. Oh and those tight-ass pants? Well, they broadcast a whole different picture for the ladies….and all of you guys with less going on down there might want to re-think that.

I seriously don’t have anything against fashionable males, but how come JT can make wearing a vest reek of “please worship me now” and “I want to have babies with you?”

Love, Fluff

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