Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ced Hughes: The 7 Cities Next Finest

Ced Hughes is a young cat who has been blazing the trail between NC and VA and gaining some major music cred. His online, downloadable mixtape bumps beats and rhymes through your speakers comparable to emcees way beyond Ced's years. He's got a natural charisma to make you wanna keep track of your girl at his show and he really likes the word "Dope".

L and F: We are REALLY impressed with your mixtape. Your flow is seemingly
effortless (and you can sing) and specifically, your music seems designed to make us dance. Was that a big priority for you?

Ced: Ha. I try to sing I'm not really that good…I wish I was super dope though…But yeah on the Mix( I like to call it a mix, mixtapes are for rappers) I wanted a fun carefree vibe…Something you can put on and instantly feel dope.. Life is already too serious, there ought to be more dancing.

L and F: The beats are tight and obviously inspired by various music genres. What are your influences?

Ced: I have to go with Prince, Michael, The System and James Brown off G.P. but umm I really digging K-OS, Mark Ronson, and 1990 LL Cool J right now…On my Euro tip everyone on Ed Banger, TTC, Phoenix, Benny Sings and of course Daft Punk.. There's a lot more but yeah, wack people are also good influences, they let me know what's not cool.

L and F: You're from our area in VA. Do you think hip hop artists from the 7 cities have more of an opportunity to be discovered now since Timbaland, Missy, Pharrell and Clipse came out of here?

Ced: Well I'm actually live in NC but I guess I'm basically VA, I'm five minutes away from the line and I spend 90% of my time in Norfolk, but I do think I can speak on the 7 cities and it's large potential to create dope music. I don't think the opportunity is any different from any other city outside of the majors. It seems like even though VA artist have set the climate for popular music this year and past the "industry" still doesn't realize the amount of quality talent
here. Therefore we have to follow the formula and build a buzz and grind until we see results.

L and F: So far, Radiohead and Saul Williams have posted their new albums for download as either free or artist donation online. Right now, your whole mixtape is downloadable at no cost... is this the future of music?

Ced: That's a good question, like I think I read that "Rainbows" netted Radiohead like 2 million, which is good for the artist but I think that unless your already an established act your not going to see those results. So as for the future of music, in theory it would be dope because your cutting out the middle man and all the bullshit that goes along with them, but I think it'll be awhile before we see a major change like that in music.

L and F: Describe for us a typical Ced Hughes Show.

Ced: Dope people, confetti, bubbles, boobies, dancing, sweat, and haters there's always haters but we love 'em.

L and F: When you get super big, will you become a media whore, driving around all drunk and showing your privates like some celebrities we know?

Ced: I don't think I would be a total media whore I'd probably pick and choose the right times to let my nuts hang out…Besides I think my nuts are pretty dope.

Download his mixtape. We promise you will not be sorry....

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El Keter said...

Yo, I like this dude a lot. That Feist joint is crazy.

howard said...

check out




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chickenpig said...

This guy is able to lay it down for the 7 cities and make folks want to know what its all about. This dude is laying it down for 'the top of the south'.