Saturday, November 17, 2007

Riskay Knows Whats Up

So, I am pretty sure it is cliche to post Riskay's song "Smell Yo Dick" at this point but that joint really speaks to me and what my mama always told me to do if you think your man is cheatin'. I just figured it was girl code and never expected someone to make a song about it, much less some Sims 2 nerd to put it to video until I was reading Imageyenation and they had posted it. So, enjoy my friends but don't spread the word too much because I don't want baby dad to start scrubbing his dick before he comes home now that the secret is out. I will be checking regularly for baby wipes in the ride at least.


El Keter said...

See, this goes right along with the whole skidmark thing. I don't understand people not washing their ass after dropping a deuce, and I don't understand people not scrubbing their dick after putting it in somebody's orifice. Soap and water people!

Lady Chavez and Fluffgirl said...

well, I agree because I have a strict after-sex cleaning ritual myself but if dude is nassy enough to sleep with another hoe, he's prolly nassy enough to leave the infectious and odiforous coating on there 'til the next morning