Friday, November 23, 2007

Uncle Imani Goes Solo

If you don't know who the Pharcyde is, then you're either young as hell and wack or really old and think it's a comic strip. If you're the other 60% of the population, you know how influential The Pharcyde has been to hip hop and it's been a minute since they've blessed us with an album. But not only is The Pharcyde coming out with a new album but Uncle Imani has his solo venture coming out first. Straight and to the point, Imani tells us what the big difference is.

L and F: You've got a solo album coming out momentarily. What can we expect?

Imani: From my solo album, one can expect to hear Uncle Imani's side of the future of the Pharcyde...hard drums, heavy bass, tight grooves, and a peek into my incyde soul...

L and F: How's it different being on the solo side?

Imani: The difference from solo/group is that its all me, u gotta dog a little deeper. There's not much extra energy to bounce off one must really focus- be confident- and have a plan and execute.

L and F: What does The Pharcyde have lined up for their fans in the near and distant future?

Imani: Well, in the not so distant future, my album "B L Q S T R D S T" will be released. I'll support/tour the record while finishing recording "Eclectic Compassion" w/ Brown..the next Pharcyde Album

L and F: What do you think of the state of hip hop today? Which artists do you have in your ipod?

Imani: I don't think of the state of hip hop much cuz there's so many other things that take up my concerns...I have 2 Ipods and a hard drive with anything that sounds good ( AZ to X-Clan)

The Question We Always Ask:

L and F: When you get super big, will you become a media whore, driving around all drunk and showing your privates like some celebrities we know?

Imani: Been there, done that! U don't have to be super big to do dumb shit. When you're big, all your moves are scrutinized.

The Album Drops Jan. 1, 2008 so support Imani and cop it.

Also, Check out Uncle Imani on Myspace

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Adventures in Vegetarianism

This Thanksgiving, damn The Man for real and pass on the turkey. That foul never did anything to you or your mother so stop it already and read these quotes from vegetarian emcees.

I don't eat no meat, no dairy, no sweets
Only ripe vegetables, fresh fruit and whole wheat...
Life brings life, it's valuable, so I eat what comes
From the ground, it's natural
Let your food be your medicine
(From Dead Prez's "Be Healthy")

In the slaughterhouse full of germs and flies
Off with the head, they pack it, drain it, and cart it
And there it is, in your local supermarketRed and bloody, a corpse, neatly packed
And you wonder about heart attacks?
(From KRS-One's "Beef")

Over a billion served
What they never deserved
So as they drove away they swerved into the curb
With their heads on the steering wheel
Kids blacked out in the back with a fucking Happy Meal
What a crappy deal...The parking lot is now a burial plot
Where you can park and rot if you can find a spot
(From Mr. Lif's "The Fries")

Even if the meat wasn't genetically processed
It's all a bloody mess...I'm a human being
Who doesn't kill to get his protein
(From LMNO's "No Eyes, No Mouth")
Check out Peta's Veg Cooking blog for alternative Thanksgiving recipes

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"Where's My Mookie?" for

When its cold outside, there is nothing better than watching a hot, summer foreplay scene like ice on Rosie Perez’ tatas in a small NYC apartment in “Do the Right Thing”.
Who knew frozen rectangles would get you out of trouble with a baby mama who hasn’t seen you or your money in a week? I watch that scene and I’d forgive him too. Even though he delivers pizzas for a living and looks more than just a little Fetal Alcohol Syndromey, I would forgive him as soon as he broke out those ice trays. Sure, he really wanted a quickie but he settled because he knows his role and had some makin’ up to do. And, in a world where the size of your boom box on shoulder is directly proportional to your shaft on balls, Mookie and his little hands were just making due. (Read More...)

Dear Lady Chavez

Dear Lovely Chavez,

Now I've had conversations before with friends about how long a guy should wait to call up a honey after getting her digits. I've always been like, fuck that noise. I mean if we hit it off from the start and she's fit and I'm trying to get with her, it's like boom, I might call her the next day just to say hi. But if I'm not feeling her that much, I might wait til the next time I'm waiting for my creepy crawlers to set to call her up. But this is the flipside of that coin. How much time has to go by before it's too late to call her? Weeks??...Months??...Years? This is my situation.

I came back to the Twin Towns to visit my fam for the holidays and out of boredom I was
going thru boxes of my old crap in the basement. I came across my old school yearbooks. And from the ages of like 12-16 there was a girl who always signed my yearbook and left her digits. She always left comments about me being cute and funny and sweet and requests for me
to call her and all this. I mean we were friends and shit, but I think she wanted something more. I stalked her on myspace and found out she still stays just outside Minneapolis and she's single. I'm now 24 and have never really talked to her, that I can remember, since I up and bounced at the age of 17 to go out on my own to see the world. But now I'm home for like a month and I just wanna say hi... and maybe fuck. I feel like I'm stuck somewhere between a b rated chick flick and an episode of Dateline's To Catch a Predator. Please help.

Love Always,

San Dimas High School Football Rules!!!
Dear San,

First of all...what a dumbass! Sorry, but dudes are either like you and totally oblivious even if you're GIVING them a motorboat in gym class by shoving your chest into their face or you totally don't want to hook up with the guy (hence, the kick to the balls in Chemistry) and they won't leave you alone. There seems to be no in between. In my secret business where I play on the internet all day pretending to do my job, statutes of limitations are very important or else you are SOL (no acronym pun intended). With calling this girl, it would be weird to get a call past 5 years which is a good solid SOL for any situation and you're talking 10 years right here. She may be single but she still may have the old ball and chain (AKA a kid- just kidding Mini Chavez).
Anyway, so this could go one of 2 ways. You could either call her and she's all like, "Hell yeah, you know I had the biggest crush on you. I thought you'd never take the hint. Now, we can go on one date and I can show you what you've missed out on all this time" or she could be like, "Why the fuck is you callin' me? Are you that desparate that you're scouring your yearbook to pick up chicks just to say 'Hi, remember me? Lets fuck!'" Ouch! Well for your sake, I hope its the former.
Fluffgirl will tell you that I am sometimes THE WORST advice giver, because normally my response is, "Fuck it, why not?" regardless of the possible consequences and or/diseases. I would also say go for it in this situation and if she blows you off on the phone just tell her its opposite day and you would never hook up with her because she whores herself out in the yearbook like she's running for Most Likely To Get Suck Seeds and get supersoaked (sorry, that sounds grody).


We're Not Cheating on You, Promise

We just joined the Electric Haze Records crew in updating their site and bringing our special brand of dysfunction to their readers and potential customers. No, they're not crazy or returning any sexual favor of any sort, they just know that LC and F get shit done, your favorite thrifty shoppers, we do have to shout out their 50% off sale. Seriously, they have lots of hot indie hip hop cd's for sale for like $5. CD's are not obsolete especially when your crackhead neighbor steals your Ipod and your PC. What you gonna do then if you gave up on CD's?!

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-LC and F