Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"Where's My Mookie?" for Ohword.com

When its cold outside, there is nothing better than watching a hot, summer foreplay scene like ice on Rosie Perez’ tatas in a small NYC apartment in “Do the Right Thing”.
Who knew frozen rectangles would get you out of trouble with a baby mama who hasn’t seen you or your money in a week? I watch that scene and I’d forgive him too. Even though he delivers pizzas for a living and looks more than just a little Fetal Alcohol Syndromey, I would forgive him as soon as he broke out those ice trays. Sure, he really wanted a quickie but he settled because he knows his role and had some makin’ up to do. And, in a world where the size of your boom box on shoulder is directly proportional to your shaft on balls, Mookie and his little hands were just making due. (Read More...)

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