Monday, October 22, 2007

Free Yo'self with Yo Majesty

Yo Majesty comes straight out of Tampa with raw lyrics and live shows that might make you blush at first but then make you wish you could keep it that real. Shunda granted us some answers to the questions you all want to know about the finest, proudest ladies from the South. They've got the banginest bangers to make you bounce.

L and F:
Yo Majesty has been making its mark everywhere recently, not just in the hip hop circuit but where music is concerned in general. How does it feel to be so well received by fans of all genres?

Yo: Its ah blessin from the Lord to have da love dat we's out of the ordinary kinda love! Dats wassup...

L and F: We haven't had the pleasure of seeing a live show. Can you describe what your shows are like? It looks like there are some boobies involved. Give us the scoop.

Yo: Its not about boobies. Its about da way the music makes the people feel. They say it makes them feel free, its a refreshin...its out of the ordinary; they say dat they've been waitin on dis for a long ass time!!!

L and F: Your lyrics have been well received in part because they are ruthless and uninhibited. Do you girls really live the life your lyrics would suggest?

Yo: People appreciate our realness. If we weren't walkin da walk dat we talk about, dat'll make us some fake ass bitches. Do you think we're fake???

L and F: You have been compared to groups like J.J. Fad and Salt-N-Pepa. Do you find this to be a compliment or do you try to stay away from being pigeonholed?

Yo: People are free to speak there opinions. We stepped into the game legends before the whole world will get to know who we are. But, on the real, you can call me Shunda and her Jwl.B.

L and F: What can we expect more and/or less of from Yo Majesty moving forward?

Yo: You can expect more truth and less bullshit when it comes to Yo Majesty concernin the industry period!!! We came to conquer...

L and F: When you girls get super big, are you gonna become media whores driving around all drunk and showing your privates like some celebrities we know?

Yo: We already super big. Dis supastar shit is over-rated. I told you, more truth and less bullshit!!!

Check them out... the one and only Yo Majesty

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El Keter said...

I would just like to take this opportunity to damn the douchebag who flagged our live video of a topless Yo Majesty performance and got it deleted off YouTube to whatever the lowest possible circle of hell there may be.

Also, we can totally be BBFF's, that's best blog friends forever.