Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dear Lady Chavez

Dear Lady Chavez,

So I was hanging out with some of my friends a while back and one of
my friends who is gay had these two girls begging to sleep with him.
First they begged to make out with him. Then the one pleaded to have
sex with him and even offered up her friend's pussy as an extra
incentive. Now I understand that they were strippers, not respectable
ladies like yourself LC, but what the fuck? Did these girls think
they were so hot that they could turn a gay man straight? Or is this
how girls usually act with their gay dude friends? Are girls ever
like, "hmmm, I wonder how my pussy is tasting today... oh I know, I'll
just go sit on my homo friends face and ask him." Because that would
be fucked up and I'd totally have to change my strategy with the
ladies. I normally walk around trying to spread the message of "I
love pussy" like Flav tries to spread the message of what fucking time
it is. I literally walk around with a giant pocket pussy hanging from
a chain around my neck. (I've never considered that this might have
something to do with why I can't pick up women.) Anyhow, if girls are
always flashing their tits and rubbing all up on their gay friends,
then I'm gonna turn my pocket pussy chain in for a t-shirt that reads
"Punani is gross... ewww!!!! I'm really gay. Really, let me taste
your pussy and I'll prove it."

p.s. sorry for the gratuitous use of "pussy"

Eternally horny and potentially homo,
Scott Baio

Dear Scott,

Wow, I am so sorry that you were a total heart throb in Tiger Beat and now you're just beating it, watching gay dudes take the ladies. So you're hating on the gay dude phenomenon? I don't blame you because its something that needs to end.

Women /Strippers,

Please stop trying to "turn" homos straight. They don't care if it smells fresh or if your vag looks like a butthole with just some extra skin. They don't want it! They are homo for a reason....because girls are annoying, clingy, dramatic cunts who think everyone wants to do them.

Scott again,

Don't hate the playa', you must become one. Don't switch teams but become less available. If you're out at da club with some ladies and your homo friends, chat it up with the dudes and some other ladies and don't buy them any dranks until they're lap dancing you in desparation. A girl only hits on gay dudes because they're the ultimate challenge and if she gets dissed its only because they're gay (not because she is straight amateur in the sack or that she smells like a fish fry). So, play it cool, Scott and please do not invest in any pocket pussy medallions. Thanks!

Lady Chavez


guy with British accent said...

damn, I didn't know dude from Grease 2 was gay

guy with British accent said...
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El Keter said...

Seriously though, if a young lady wants to have intercourse with you, simply turning her down will do one of two things... Make her hate you and possibly punch you in the face... Or make her want you even more and hump your leg while rubbing her bosoms against your face every time she sees you.