Friday, February 29, 2008

Craft of the Week: Junk Prints

Oriental Spy tipped me off to this Etsy site of glory. JUNKPRINTS a little romance novel, a little racially ironic, and a little blasphemous with some hot vintage on the side.

And check out the gallery opening in Brooklyn if you are not geographically challenged.

"GALLERY OPENING: Get yer wine and cheese on w/ me at TemporaryGallery's INSINUATION opening MAR. 6th 6p-9p102 Allen st. btwn Broom & Delancey in the Lower East Side"

Here's the creators bio 'cause we love it:

"LET'S TALK ABOUT ME:My name is's my real name. My mommy is a huge fan of Coco Chanel...the little black dress etc.I'm a graphic designer/photo-illustrator...been doing that stuff professionally for about 4 years. Check out for more info and my portfolio.When I'm not glued to the computer monitor, drawing, clicking the shutter or pulling my hair out. You can catch me riding around BK on my vintage bike, eating plantain, tearing up suburban thrift stores, bitching about art and music or looking at rental units (I love looking at rental units...I have no intention to move...just like to look :)I found this sewing machine in the trash, had my special man friend bike it home for me and started sewing my booty off. Then I found Etsy to help sell the the fruits of my labor. Enjoy"

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Please Welcome THE MAN

Wow, something totally weird and awkward happened yesterday. It felt kind of like the time I walked out of my boyfriend's room at night and his dad was naked in the hallway so he cupped his package and MC Hammer side-shuffled it back to his room in horror...except this time I feel exposed and vulnerable like the dad. I found out my boss and my boss's boss caught wind of the blog and read it yesterday! I don't know why but I was totally mortified. Actually I do know why and it is definitely because of Mild Davis and his motivational posters and maybe the lezzie Erykah Badu thing...oh and possibly my White Remy Ma morphed photos of absurdity.

*I do want it noted that this is just my alter-ego and I also have a very socially-acceptable, politically correct alter-ego who is active in the church and local soup kitchen. I have no evidence of her but I assure you deep down Lady Chavez is a respectable lady. ***Thanks in advance for none of my veteran readers commenting otherwise.

So let's all welcome our new readers and remind them to please not read this at work as it is an HR Nightmare and only intended for insensitive, overly sarcastic people who have issues with authority.

Lady Chavez

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Where Have All The Dickies Gone?

Something that was not and never will be cool is The Dickie. Remember your mom would actually dress you in these because somehow she thought this was practical? Essentially it was a turtlenecked bib. The only thing I can see that is functional about this now is if you had a makeout sesh with some random and your steady was looking to get naked. You could undress to the dickie, still be buck nekid and hide the hickies. We'll call it The Hickie Dickie. Do you think this will make a comeback?

Mild Davis Wants You to Get Motivated!