Thursday, February 28, 2008

Please Welcome THE MAN

Wow, something totally weird and awkward happened yesterday. It felt kind of like the time I walked out of my boyfriend's room at night and his dad was naked in the hallway so he cupped his package and MC Hammer side-shuffled it back to his room in horror...except this time I feel exposed and vulnerable like the dad. I found out my boss and my boss's boss caught wind of the blog and read it yesterday! I don't know why but I was totally mortified. Actually I do know why and it is definitely because of Mild Davis and his motivational posters and maybe the lezzie Erykah Badu thing...oh and possibly my White Remy Ma morphed photos of absurdity.

*I do want it noted that this is just my alter-ego and I also have a very socially-acceptable, politically correct alter-ego who is active in the church and local soup kitchen. I have no evidence of her but I assure you deep down Lady Chavez is a respectable lady. ***Thanks in advance for none of my veteran readers commenting otherwise.

So let's all welcome our new readers and remind them to please not read this at work as it is an HR Nightmare and only intended for insensitive, overly sarcastic people who have issues with authority.

Lady Chavez


Hank said...

just like Eddie Murphy said..."it wasn't me."

Hillbilly Harlot said... they know how you spending your days..

you know how they love to monitor our asses

Lady Chavez and Fluffgirl said...

hello.....I don't get on here during work Hillbilly, don't you go assuming