Saturday, August 11, 2007

Check yo' purses girls! Wendy Ho is reppin' on our blog

We had the pleasure of interviewing Mz. Wendy Ho. She sings, raps, dances and makes us laugh our asses off. Speakin' of asses, she's got some junk in the trunk and she is hot as hell. SHe's busy performing all around NYC so please catch one of her shows ASAP before she blows up and buy the cd-don't be stingy, ok?

L and F: We saw your show in NYC and we have been a little Ho obsessed ever since. Do you have any stalkers?
Ho: Yes I do have stalkers, but I don’t ever call them that. I call them admirers that got crazy eyes and stare at me a lil too hard. I try to break the stare by blinking at them a lot. Most of my admirers are gay menz and girlie girls cuz I got that fabulous factor kickin. I don’t ever feel afraid of them…well one time I got a lil scared when Jim McGreevey was staring at me a lil too hard at a Jersey rest stop—he got crazy eyes—but I broke the silence and said, “Governor McGreevey I just wanna congratulate you on having the cleanest rest stops in the whole country! I know you weren’t gonna get down on yo’ knees on any grimey tiles!” His crazy eyes lit up and said, “You know that’s right, Ho! Now cut a hole in that stall and let’s get to suckin!”

L and F: For those who haven't had the exquisite experience of seeing you live, what is the best way to describe your show?
Ho: The Wendy Ho Show is a healing experience through the songs and stories of a good Ho gone better. Funny? CHECK. Irreverent? You know it. Fabulous? Are you fucking kidding me? Spiritual? Jesus is on speed dial! Fresh? I keep my pussy in tupperwear—nuff said!

L anf F: We knew we were fly when we were singin' "Borderline" in our mama's pumps in the full length mirror back in the day. When did you know you had the "I'm the shit" factor?
Ho: I knew I was the shit when I was sitting in the principal’s office in the fifth grade leading my girlfriends in a a chorus of “my little donkey, pretty donkey, donkey gots a big bone.” See, my mom bought me a donkey at the 99 cent store, instead of a my lil pony—that’s all she could afford. Well I took it to school and had so much fun singing “my lil donkey, pretty donkey, donkey gots a big bone,” that all the girls in the 5th grade ran out, bought donkeys and we gots sent to the principal’s office for singing my first dirty lyrics. I got suspended for 2 days cuz I pushed the envelope when the principal (a nun) asked me “what has gotten into you?” and I said, “Sista! If God gives you a donkey, then why not make an ass out of yoself?”

L and F: If a girl steps up to us in the club with a stank ass attitude, what should we do?
Ho: You should say, “Is that yo attitude, or is somebody’s purse been left open?..I smell you smell purse?”

L and F: What would you tell our guy readers if they wanted to impress you/take you out?
Ho: I would tell them I gots a man, but if you really want to impress me you’ll
quit TRYING to impress and just be confident in who you is.

L and F: When we google you, we also get Wendy Ho who is an author that writes about politics of Asian-Americans. You also tackle tough topics like AIDS ("The Aids Gamble"). Do you see yourself as a role model?
Ho: Role model? Nahhh. Models in general turn me off—what makes one person more qualified than another in telling people the way they SHOULD live they lives? or SHOULD look or SHOULD talk, etc, etc? I aspire to inspire people by living my vision and bringing my wHOle self to the party. That includes a nassy talkin’ mouf and thighs that rub together! If this inspires—so it is! If it turns you off—so it is! Tell the truth and live yo life!

L and F: When you blow up real big, do you think you'll become a media whore, drivin' around all drunk and showin' your privates?
Ho: Hell to the no! I ain’t no media whore—just a simple Ho—if what I do causes people to stop and look that’s fine, but I’ll always have a clean pair of underwear on! As for driving…well, I don’t drive now, and the next car I plan on owning is a limo w/ a chauffeur—so you ain’t gots to worry about me driving irresponsibly.

L and F: Any shameless plugs before we let you go?
Ho: Of course! Here are some shameless plugs right here, gurlz!
Butt, for realz:
Come see me at,, or & get yo copy of my cd The Gospel According to Ho TODAY!!


Hillbilly Harlot said...

Great interview ladies!


you guys are like a rad female version of us! prepared to get linked on our blog!! stay epic xx

Wendy Ho said...

Y'all is da bomb! I need you to also check out my new cartoon--seeing as how y'all blogged about homo thugs, I think you'll enjoy!

Tricknology said...

hillbilly harlot is with a homothug and she don't even know it!

Debbie said...

lol is the shizzy :)