Saturday, August 11, 2007

Daddy's Girl

Today's my daddy's b-day and he would have been 62. I know I don't do much serious bloggin' but I seriously miss him. Happy Birthday Der!

Daddy's Girl

I’ve got a thousand pounds of
Pillows, stained from the cries
Of swollen eyes
because you’re gone.
And I think of the flies
that rested on you before they burned you up
I’ve got your ashes on my stereo, I turn the volume up,
Because you taught me that music is life
I thought I’d take a knife
and end it
To be close to you
you’d think I was such a fool if you knew
but I guess that is the way that it goes,
that was the life that you chose
to live short and sweet
Just long enough to be thrown to the concrete.
I still can’t believe they found you facedown
Still, you had on your invisible crown
That I gave you
when I was so small I would crave for you
to wake up after a long night in the band
Sit up and hold my hand
teach me about things most people won’t understand
because you and I were different from the rest of the world,
I’ll always be daddy’s girl.

I’ve got cancer was your answer when I called
And I never knew that it meant you would hit a brick wall
and life as I knew it would fly straight out the windshield
past the dash and the glass onto the field
of asphalt
but its not your fault,
And I cry, not because I don’t think you’re ok now
But the other day I couldn’t explain how
I called your number that no longer exists
But it was still labeled with your name and yes I ball up my fists
In protest, that you won’t pick up the phone
I’ve got a glass full of wine because it drowns out the drone
Of idle talk and complaints about life
its pitfalls and restraints and the strife
And if you were here we’d laugh at the rest of the world
I’ll always be daddy’s girl.


Mae (AKA Lady Chavez)

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