Saturday, August 11, 2007

Got Low Self Esteem? Get a Job at the Go-Go Bar!

I was out on the streets, me with my college degree, no job and 2 cats. I called my mother (I was obviously desparate) to see if she would take us in. Like any good parent, she said I was over 18 and too old not to fend for myself. I took up the couch at an old friend's house for a week or

so and sent my cats to a girl I was on the outs with and she reluctantly took them in. I was dating this cop at the time and he said his friend was hiring and would give me a job but I may not be interested. I joked, "What, is it Hooters or something?". He said it was actually worse and it was waitressing at the local go-go bar. This was a ridiculous suggestion, surely, considering I was not "that type of girl" and I wouldn't dare stoop so low. I had a college degree for Christs sake! I envisioned my kitties starving and homeless and the next thing I know I'm modeling a cleavage baring tuxedo top and bikini bottoms for my prospective employer as my interview. Needless to say (wink), I got the job and started bartending and waitressing to a very ecclectic crowd of horny dudes. I gotta tell ya, it was actually very liberating. I have never been
classified as a prude by any means but I never would have guessed walking around half naked serving drinks could be so empowering. Of course you had the occasional loser who would try and throw his balled up tip in between my boobs but other than that, no issues. Men throwing money at me (not literally like the aforementioned schmuck) just for being a woman that
ain't afraid to show what my mama gave me, made me feel free. And feeling free means you are getting paid, honey. Now, I know this sounds absurd to any even half-ass feminist, but feeling good about your body and about being a woman is the shit.

************Now, keeping it clean is the key (specifically your nose and mouth). If you're doing lines in the "dressing room" or giving out BJ's in the parking lot, it doesn't exactly work the same way and you will not feel good about yourself. Do not play yourself like that, girls! Now go out
there and get 'em!***************

PS. Thanks mom!

Lady Chavez

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