Saturday, August 11, 2007

Trend and Anti-trend of the Week

Trend: Is it a headband or is it a headscarf?

Well, well, well…..if it isn’t the old headband remake? How many times can we make a headband fresh people? Apparently, as many times as young, NYC hipsters will allow….

A throwback to days when Twiggy graced the covers of Vogue, these mod-inspired, coiffure-taming, hair accessories are everywhere. An easy way to transform your JBF hair-do into something stunning for a night out on the town!

FLuffgirl JBF Hair Before

Fluffgirl JBF Hair with Trendy Scarf

Anti-Trend: White Girls With Weave

Ladies- I don’t care if you’re white or black. But really- especially if you’re white: Hair extensions (a.k.a WEAVE) is something we, as Caucasian ladies, do not pull off well unless you are a Tranny. I’m here to tell you that if you are thinking of having this done- please reconsider. Any fashionable New Yorker would not be caught dead with a head full of fake hair. Well, let me rephrase- if you’ve got fake nails, fake boobs, and fake skin, then maybe you think you’re fashionable with fake hair. Better yet, you probably think fake PINK hair looks good. However, fortunately, this is not the style icon of truly hip people here in the city- its all about healthful beauty and NATURAL hair, nails and skin. The only thing fake should be your tan.

And she has spoken…


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