Friday, November 16, 2007

I'm Pissed at Starbucks

Namely b/c they do a killer job of making my favorite drink: hot chocolate. This is the problem- I feel like a traitor going to Starbucks. My dad operates a grassroots coffee shop in Atlanta (Java Lords Coffee House – check them out if you’re ever in Little Five Points). So, I’m all like, anti-establishment when it comes to big business and coffee, aka Starfucks. I mean who do they think they are with their “artsy” black and whites, cliché jazz, and wireless internet monopolies?? But I love their hot chocolate. Dammit. I’ve tried to find alternatives here in Hoboken and I’ve even been to several of the so-called hipster spots in Brooklyn, only to have been disappointed time and time again. Its just seems like I can’t rebel enough, b/c I always seem to find myself back at the same spot ordering a grande hot cocoa. I’m here now- writing this and drinking it. Shame on me. The problem stems form the fact that I don’t drink coffee. There are plenty of places that I could go if I wanted to be anti-whatever and drink a cup of joe. But caffeine makes me homicidal and so, I have concentrated my efforts on finding an acceptable hot drink replacement. I like tea, and I usually do the milk and sugar thing b/c I just like sweet, creamy drinks. But hot cocoa is my specialty. I even make a sick batch of hot cocoa myself – Williams & Sonoma makes the best mix EVER. They package real French chocolate shavings in a tin and you stir 5 heaping tablespoons into hot milk. Amazing. So when I order one and watch as the barista pulls out a bottle of syrup and squeezes/pumps it into the cup, I cringe. Syrup doesn’t cut it. And I know what you’re saying – well, Starfuck’s uses syrup, right? I’m not saying their method is the best – it just tastes better than anyone else’s nasty syrup method. Which is why I’m pissed, ok?

Lady Chavez suggested making Mexican Hot Chocolate pictured below during my lunch break. My boss would not appreciate. Any other suggestions?



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