Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Trend and Anti-Trend: Make Love, Not War

Let's start with:

Anti-trend: Faux Gun Stuff

Even if you're just simulating that you have guns or that automatic weapons are so cool that you have to have 276 of them on your shirt or a gun tatt pointing at your crotch, it's just suddenly lame. We're in the middle of some bullshit war and hipsters are running around like they're hardcore and about to bust a cap. So, maybe they're just being ironic, either way we're over it.

Trend: Peace and Urban Tranquility

So, be uncool with us and wear shit that promotes peace. I got this awesome "No More War" hat at the Norfolk Craft Mafia's Handmade Parade this weekend. I haven't worn a hat in a minute but thought it was dope so I picked it up. They've got more just for you and the shit was only $7. Check K. Parel out.

This is my proposal. Go back to the tattoo shop and have them ink a flower into the barrels of all the gats you got on you and call it a day friends.

Oh yeah, and vote.

Peace and Love,
Lady Chavez

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Norfolk Craft Mafia said...

Sweet post. Thanks for the link!