Saturday, November 10, 2007

Lady and Fluff Like It Raw – A Tribute to Ol’ Dirty Bastard on the Anniversary of His Death

November 13th will be the anniversary of ODB's death. Now, just to let ya'll know- befo’ there was skeet skeetin’ (yes, we are white girls and we know what that means, but just don't say it to or on our faces), there was the lyrical genius of Russell Tyrone Jones, aka Ol’ Dirty Bastard…........okay, maybe GENIUS is not word we would use when it comes to his lyrics (read: “Let me continue, verse number two, Style is wild, Dirty stinkin' like doo-doo”). But what he lacked in poignancy, he certainly made up for with his compelling personality and innovative lyrical presentation. His name says it all – and was meant to convey the fact that his “style” (as in kung-fu style on the mic) had no “Master.”

Look, we think its great that Tupac and Biggie get mad play when the anniversary of their deaths roll around (even though we know they’re runnin in Venezuela). But what about the man considered a founding father of Wu-Tang, one of the greatest and most influential rap groups of our time? The man who made us call him Baby Jesus? The guy who made it cool to have a “grill” long before Paul Wall was a nut stain in mama’s panties? Lady and Fluff are all about giving respect where respect is due and think it's high time the industry steps up on this one. If we can’t get a national holiday out of this, naw mean, the least people could do is get a bumper sticker or something. In the least.

And if you’re real motivated call your local radio station and request the HELL out of Dirt McGirt. And always remember: Big Baby Jesus is watching you.

Lady and Fluff

PS...Our boy Tricknology found these rap snacks in Philly (of course) with ODB on them. It doesn't make sense that someone would really manufacture these, but we'll take them!


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