Saturday, November 10, 2007

Barbie Gets PC and Then We Ruin It

So, Mini Chavez and I are in the holiday spirit because Corporate America and Mema are already shoving it down our throats. Consequently, we were checking out the Barbie Collection online this morning and these are the ridiculous ones we found:

1) Barbie Collector Tooth Fairy - Caucasian

-Apparently, Barbie is now specified as Caucasian or African American (we didn't see any Pacific Islander). I thought the blonde hair and blue eyes would have set it off but whateva.

2) Barbie My Scene My Bling Bling Styling Head Madison Doll -That name is silly and out of date with all the "blings". They should just called it "Lil Kim in her Prime"

3. Teresa® Doll and Mika™ Cat

This Barbie actually scoops up imaginary shit and piss after her sorry ass cat has hooked up the "litter box". Who the hell wants their Barbie to do laborious things involving fecal matter? Does this Barbie also come with a brillo pad to scrub out Ken's skidmarks from his fleshy tighties?!

4) Barbie 80's Cher Bob Mackie Doll
-This Cher doll was on the 2nd page of the Barbie this is on any kid's wish list. I told Mini Chavez that I really liked this one and she was like, "Mom, Halloween is over"...Ouch! and she's only 3. She also said "If I could turn back time, I'd throw some Jordache's on her no-ass havin' self!"...ok, that one is not true..

Finally, these weren't really on the Barbie site but they are still on our list for Santa...

Lady Chavez


50 Cent said...

where's homothug Ken?

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