Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Oprah, Get Jealous!

Awwwww shit. You know how Oprah has her little book club and they think they're so smart and insightful? Well, not to be outdone, LC and F have decided to have an Album Club and we're kickin' it off with our main man Saul Williams. He came out with The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust on November 1. It's a collabo with Trent Reznor of all people and we hear it is pretty bitchin' (trying to bring that word back).

Now, it's the same deal as Radiohead's new joint and you can pay what you want. I know our conscious readers will pay at least the $5 they request to support the artists. So, go ahead and download here and we will reconvene in about 2 weeks. We will post our thoughts and the comment section will be like an open forum. And Oprah, you cannot join, sorry.


Anonymous said...

If you listen to this album from start to finish it will rock your world and you will feel compelled to listen over and over. Unbelievable union of 2 incredible artists. Pay the $5 and let it take you.

Anonymous said...

can i nominate an album? the essential hall & oates...."i can't go for that. no, can do..."