Thursday, November 8, 2007

Bring over some of your old Motown records...

Where did all the Motown go?

OK, so I was reading Hillbilly Harlot’s blog about reminiscing on the 90’s and it got me thinking: in my lifetime, I have relived many decades through music. When I was 15, it was Beatles and Jimi Hendrix and I was all like, “Check out my bell bottoms and hash pipe.” Then, I was 17 and all about Led Zepplin. I was rocking the “Stairway to Heaven,” at the high school dance and checking out the laser lights shows at the museum in town….next, I’m kickin it to some Cure and Duran Duran long after they were hip, and suddenly, the 80’s were all over suburbia. And now, here we are, ready to relive the 90’s, and it was only a decade ago…?? All I’m saying is, during all that, I don't feel like I discovered and appreciated some of my favorite music until now. And now for the big question: how come Motown isn’t bigger than it really is? I mean, maybe I’m jumpin with the wrong crowds, but I don’t know why more of my friends don’t rock out with me to Gladys Knight and the Pips. What about Al Green and Marvin Gaye? Diana Ross and Aretha Franklin and me are LIKE THIS. I mean, what’s up? Motown was such a great genre – I even have a whole iPod playlist dedicated to it. Smoky Robinson was referred to as “America’s greatest poet,” by Bob Dylan. I second that emotion. Lionel was smoking long before he was spawning celebutards like Nicole. I’d take some Temptations over Lil John any day…

"Bring over some of your old Motown records, We'll put the speakers in the window and we'll go, On the roof and listen to the Miracles, Echo through the alley down below, oh yeah...."

Just a thought,


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eric said...

Agreed. I have thrown a few motown parties in my day, and not only was the music great but their attire was fresh as all get out. Soul music in general is just too cool for school. I like your idea of an album club. If I wasn't so lazy I would do a song of the day club. Today's (and proabably the only one ever) is California Soul by Marlena Shaw. So get on Hype Machine or Imeem or run to your record store and chiggity check they shelf 'fore you wet yo'self.