Monday, November 5, 2007

Craft of the Week: Stencil Me In

Why haven't we thought of this?! Ok, you take some hot vintage garment and stencil your fav gangster rapper on the front....or back. It doesn't matter because you're the designer. We like this Tupac stencil that lisaspaperdoll did. Though this is dope, try and make your own damn stencils with EPMD, Biggie, NWA, etc. Also, feel free to stencil your local Starbuck's bathroom and fur store with some hot pink militant cabezas while you're at it. We heart economic sabotage!


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna make me a Wesley Willis one and put it on my Ascot

jake said...

i think it would be hype if you put charlie murphy on a comedians/coattail riders count?