Tuesday, January 29, 2008


No not that shitty band. I watched Neverending Story last night because Mini Chavez was all into Clash of the Titans last week so I figured she was ready for it. All these memories of me young as hell came back to me and the shit was heavy. How heavy is that movie? Let's see...


The Horse Drowning in the Mud
I remembered crying hysterically when this happened and yelling, "Don't give into the sadness Artax!" but it didn't matter. I'm one of those people who will watch an old school war scene and I don't care if people's heads are getting severed, just don't let the horse fall down and sprain an ankle even. 'Cause then the tears just start flowin'. Even though Artax is running around at the end with Atreyu, that shit is too heavy for real and way more in yo' face than Bambi's mom.
When Atreyu reaches the Empress at the end and shit is falling down everywhere and about to blow if the boy doesn't realize his power or something, the Empress is crying and Atreyu is yelling because he doesn't understand. The boy has to run up to the window and say his poor, dead mother's name. Crazy and heavy.


I tried to find the quote when the wolf-vampire, Gmork, is about to kill Atryeu and couldn't so I'm gonna summarize it. He basically says that he was sent to help out The Nothing destroy the hopes and dreams of Fantasia because when people don't have hope, it is easier to rule them and The Nothing and Gmork will then be all-powerful and in control. Why don't they have screen moments like that now in kids' movies? Whoa, how dead on was that wolf-vampire? Very heavy.

And...I want them to do a full-on remake of this movie (not the shitty straight-to-dvd they've been making). I am normally not a fan of remakes but I just need theme parks to have a reason to make a Falcor ride so I can ride on Falcor before I die.

This all sounds nerdy as fuck, sorry. I think I'll sign this one Fluffgirl ;)


Tricknology said...

that theme song totally deserves a rave remix

Mild Davis said...

that rock dude was the shit too. and he had a baby. 'member?

they were like the baby and lil weezy of that shit.

fluff said...

wow - like i needed affirmation from my best friend that i an a nerd. thanks LC ;)

LC said...

I watched NE 2 this weekend and it was awful but I saw the rock baby and Jason said the baby is the only one with a british accent? Bastian was a real wussy in it too, so sensitive

Eddie Beats said...

"These hands used to be so strong..." RockBiter couldn't even hold on...The Nothing is all powerful and must be feared and respected!
Sorry I'm blazed and about to put in the DVD..shiiiiit...you think NES is fucked...watch "The Dark Crystal" again....heavy