Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sonny Wong

We're super impressed with the art of Sonny Wong and his hip hop music is righteous as well. Below, we have a Wong originally but is such a coincidence because it looks just like that dude down the street from us that hobbles out to help us with our weedwacker and gives us the crazy, inappropriate eye.

Here's a little autobiography:

Sonny Wong is a mean egomaniac that lives in the Redwoods high above the Lost Coast in Humboldt County. There are rumors that he haunts many of the local hangouts, where patrons have heard the clanking of empty beer bottles and a gaggin' stench of beer breath. Often after these "sightings" weird and spooky drawings will be dripping on the walls. Sonny Wong is the 5th Great Grandson of Chief Joseph Brandt of the Mohawk Indians and still to this day is affected by the inappropriate number of enzymes in his system to breakdown alcohol properly, so please don't feed him booze, he will most likely blackout and start stabbing people.

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