Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The White Rick Ross Started It

So, we all know that Mild Davis is the White Rick Ross, "minus the tattoos, extra pigment and cocaine dealing thing". Besides the girth and the beard, he is also a general badass and likes wearing sunglasses and taking his shirt off.
This led Fluff and I to wonder which black person we were most like. For Chavez, this was a no-brainer, given she really knows her way around a jail cell and talks mad shit, she is definitely:

The White Remy Ma

Now, we had a hard time thinking of who Fluff could be....until LC started having flashbacks of large men holding Fluff back while she was kicking and screaming in the air at some chickenhead for looking at her the wrong way. Party-goers would be looking around, shocked that this innocent-seeming, hot girl was about to teach a ho a lesson and go buckwild on her. We're also pretty sure she would beat her help if they got out of line, so she is:

The White Naomi Campbell

Late entry: Juan Huevos is Ja Rule minus the "has-been"

The White Ja Rule


Fluff said...

i especially like how i am grabbin my crotch.

Hank said...

fluff, yours just creeps me's almost too good.

juan huevos said...

let it be known that i am the white ja rule.

(this game is silly)