Sunday, September 9, 2007

Trend and Anti-trend of the Week

Trend: DIY Nails

DIY Nails

I’m not a big fan of the fake nails, but if I was going to get some- I’d do it MacGyver style. I decided to try my own version of fake nails, so I took a trip to the CVS down on the corner. Several options awaited me: long, short, sporty square, colored, French mani. Also, had to decide if I wanted to glue the suckers on or use the little sticky tabs. I opted for a square tips pack with glue and sticky tabs. I thought about getting the really long, curly looking ones, but had a flash back of this ghettofab lady that was a receptionist at a salon I had visited. Her nails were so long that she couldn’t hold a pencil or dial the phone. Plus, I like to pick my nose. So, sporty square it was- and then I headed over to the super cheap nail polish section. They always have the best colors. I selected a metallic purple, pale yellow, and red. At home, I used the tabs and pressed the nails on. Instant valley. I slather them in purple paint and edge the tips diagonally in yellow. Red dots on half the nail. And since its like 2am, I decide that I’m going to bed. I wake up and half the nails are wonky….word to the wise: if you intend for these suckers to stay on for any length of time, use the glue. The sticky tabs work as well as they did back in the day with Lee Press-Ons (which means they suck). Anyhow, here are the pics, let me know what ya’ll think.

Anti-Trend: Fake DSL’s
Unless you are born with them (and all the sisters out there know what I’m getting at), those fake, collagen looking swim floaties attached to your face just make you look like you got punched in the face. I mean, why not paint some dark circles around your eyes stick a crack pipe in your mouth? At least people will know why you look so ridiculous.

This is not directed towards anyone with the natural DSL’s. Those send a whole different message.



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