Sunday, September 9, 2007

In Defense of Vegetarianism

Mmmmm, I can still taste those honey and peanut butter sandwiches my mom would make. Inevitably, a drop of golden perfection would depart from the crustless bread onto my hot pink Jams. "What a bitch!" I would say. Well, I came to discover the real bitch is that the honey industry is cruel and heartless and those old dudes with the suits- they're woman haters! They clip off the wings of the queen bee and be-head her suitors ("drones"), then artifically inseminate her ( AKA shove a hooked rod full of bee semen into her royal chocha) after they've knocked her out with carbon dioxide. Look, I hate a bee as much as I hate a 5 o'clock shadow on a tranny but I'm not gonna let sister go out like that. Click here for more info on the honey industry and next time R. Kelly wants to give you some of that Honey Love, tell him you'd prefer the golden shower because honey is degrading to women.

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