Saturday, October 13, 2007

Adventures in Vegetarianism: The Rodeo

Ok, seriously, the rodeo is one of the most idiotic and senseless “sports” I have ever heard of. They tie ropes around bulls’ balls, squeeze them until they get real pissed and then ride them until they fall off. What the f*ck?! Just because I thought Dylan from 90210 looked hot in 8 Seconds back in the 90’s does not mean that I advocate the rodeo. And just to add salt to the wound, the Oklahoma State Penitentiary has an annual rodeo where inmates compete and it’s a HUGE affair. What happened to making license plates and doing each other up the butts? They need a rodeo to keep them busy now? Check out the photo gallery on Courttv of this stellar showing of toothless felons riding their way to freedom (they’ve got their wranglers on for the rodeo but you know their chaps are assless in the cell). My fav pic is of the young boy (above) rooting for his granddaddy who is normally in the hole for selling meth but rides bareback every year at this event. Go Peepaw!

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Hillbilly Harlot said...

Girl..whatchu know about oklahomo prisons??

I saw that shit when I was in campfire!